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Baby Shower Food

Baby Shower Food
Baby Shower Food
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A baby coming in to this world is one of the biggest blessings a couple can have as a baby is a sign of the couples love and devotion towards one another. A baby shower is supposed to help the mother to be feel more confident about the soon to come labor and pains of childbirth. During a pregnancy women usually tend to get depressed and feel heavily pressure about the pending childbirth and its after effects. There are several benefits of having a baby shower for example the guests at the baby shower will bring the mother to be gifts which will help her with the new born baby. This baby shower will also be able to help the mother to be ease her stress by having the support of her closest friends and family. So if you have a friend who is pregnant and is soon to go in to labor having a baby shower would be a great idea. If you are afraid of planning a baby shower because you feel it will be very hectic do not fret about it because it is very simple to plan if you follow a strict plan and are organized in your approach. 

A baby shower is usually planned during the day and is hosted by the mother-to-be's closest friend or relative like a sister etc. There isn't much need for a lot of decorations but you can use some special balloons called the link-o-loons. Link-o-loons are basically balloons which are slightly different as they have a unique feature which is an elongated tale which can be used to tie one balloon to another. Due to this unique feature you can tie these balloons together to make a number of 3D shapes and archways which will surely catch your guests fancy and will make the whole party come to life. These balloons are quite affordable as they come in packs of 50 and we have them available in a number of different colors for you to choose from. If you know the sex of the baby then you can use the appropriate color to make the party more fun. 

Now lets focus on the foods and beverages you will be serving at the baby shower. Of course you wont be serving a four-course meal or anything at a small gathering like a baby shower. You will be serving small appetizers at the party such as pigs in a blanket and tigger prawns. If you plan on serving tiger prawns to your guests then you can serve them in a very classy way using our premium plastic cocktail glasses. You can hang the prawns on the rims of the glass with the sauce in the glass. These glasses are quite affordable and come in quantities of 10.

To serve drinks at the party you can use one of our best selling products called a cocktail fountain. This gorgeous cocktail fountain can be used to serve non-alcoholic drinks as the mother-to-be cannot drink alcoholic drinks. The machine is powered by an electric motor which will ensure the constant flow of liquid over the sides of each tier which creates a beautiful streaming waterfall-like effect. It even has drinking cups on the side which ensures that the guests can serve themselves. This whole machine and the cups are crafted from heavy-duty plastic and is cut to look like real glass. 

You can even serve some cup cakes at the party so that your guests can enjoy something nice and sweet at the party. Mini cup cakes are all the rage these days and to help you make these mini cup cakes easily you can use our mini cupcake maker. This machine has the capacity of making 7 cupcakes every 5 minutes which means you will be able to make the desired amount of mini cupcakes in a matter of minutes. 

You can decorate these decorates easily and in no time without creating a mess by the help of our amazing battery powered frosting pen. This will make your cupcakes look amazing and you can decorate these cupcakes in a matter of minutes and make cute designs on them in many different colors that can be swapped with a push of a button. Finally you can present these cupcakes in a 5 tier cup cake stand. This amazing 5 tier cupcake stand holds up to 27 cupcakes and is 38cm x 38cm in height and width.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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