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Planning A Baby Shower

Planning A Baby Shower
Planning A Baby Shower
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Planning a baby shower can prove to be very hectic work but you should also know that with the help of some of our tips and tricks you can easily arrange a great baby shower. A baby shower is an occasion where you celebrate the soon to come baby and its main aim is to relieve some of the tensions a mother to be might have due to the whole process of pregnancy and the soon to come child birth. Mother to be always needs the support of their closest friends and women who have gone through the stressful process of child birth. Hence have a baby shower will show your other to be how much all of you love and support her and it will definitely ease her stress over the whole situation. 

Once you have decided on a particular theme and party venue area you need to start thinking about how to decorate the whole venue. Of course we realize that most people do not have the financial resources to afford a huge lavish party. However, that does not mean that you can't create a lavish party on your own with the help of some of our amazing products (which are also quite affordable). Lets start off with some venue decorations that will make any venue you decide on truly "pop" as they say. 

Chinese paper lanterns are a great choice when it comes to baby showers as they look extremely elegant when scattered all over the venue at different lengths. We have a huge stock of Chinese paper lanterns in our online store and you will be pleased to know that their is no limit on variety as we have these lanterns available in different colors, shapes and sizes. So you will have unlimited choice and you can use whatevercaper lantern that suits your theme best. To make these lanterns even more beautiful you can use a single white LED light in them to make them give off a delicate light.

Other than these lanterns you can use string and fairy lights to decorate the venue.  We have an array of string lights and fairy lights from which you can choose the most ideal. You can use one of our best selling lights called the Liladee Flower fairy lights. These exquisite Liladee Flower Lights are a must-have. Boasting a variety of colors these lights will add ambiance to any setting. These will look great at the baby shower and will make the venue feel festive. 

To make the food at the party seem interesting you can use some great ideas such as serving mini cupcakes at the baby shower. These days mini cupcakes are all the rage and serving these tasty treats at the baby shower will make it a huge success. To make these mini cupcakes can be a huge pain but for that we have an easy solution. You can purchase our amazing mini cupcake maker. The mini cupcake maker is made from high quality and sturdy aluminum and will make 7 mini cupcakes every 5 minutes. It is 22.5cm x 13.6cm x 26.3cm and is made of aluminum. 

To decorate the cup cakes with designs such as "its a boy" or "its a girl" or some other nice design you can use our amazing battery powered frosting pen. This super cool decorative frosting pen is easy to use and leads to your kitchen being mess free. You will be able to decorate your cupcakes, muffins or biscuits easily in minutes. This pen has 3 icing cartridges for 3 different colors which you can readily swap and load. It also has 6 decorating tips for various design along with 3 filler plate. It even has a color mixer that allows you to mix colors inside your cartridge.

To serve these cupcakes at the baby shower you can use our 5 tier cupcake stand. It holds up to 27 tasty cupcakes and makes it easier for your guests to help themselves to these tasty treats. It also acts as a great decoration piece at the even as all the guests will love your creativity.  

At the end of the day the baby shower you plan for your mother to be should make her feel happy and completely stress free. So try to make it as grand as you possibly can and invite all the people that care about the soon to be mother. This will show her that she has the support of all her nearest and dearest friends. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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