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Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations
Baby Shower Decorations
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Baby showers require a certain type decorations that are different from the decorations that you would use in any normal party or celebration. The obvious difference between baby shower decorations and other event decorations is that baby shower decorations need to be cute and cuddly, so to speak, like babies.  Also, the colour scheme of baby shower decorations needs to be of a certain type with soft colours prevailing in it.

One such baby shower decoration is the Hanging Baby Shower Decoration. This decoration item, as you must have realized by its name, is exclusively made for baby showers. It consists of various baby related shapes that are really cute to look at, and their nice mixed colours make them perhaps even more adorable. All you have to do is to hang multiple units of this decoration around the area where you will be having the baby shower and let them do the rest. Remember to order enough units so that you have enough Hanging Baby Shower Decorations.

Moving on with baby shower decorations, you cannot ignore balloons as decorations in any toddler related event. Baby showers are no different and you must employ balloons to decorate them. The 30cm Baby Shower Balloons are perfect balloons for baby showers. These balloons come in wonderful mixed colours with the words “Baby Shower” written on them in a very adorable way. Needless to say, you need to spread these balloons liberally around the area where you will be celebrating the baby shower. For this, once again, you must order enough balloons according to the size of the area where the baby shower is going to be held. Remember that each pack includes 8 high quality balloons, so that will give you an idea regarding how many packs you need to order.

Yet another decoration that is perfect for decorating a baby shower is the Pink Paper Lantern. There is something very peaceful and pure about paper lanterns and it is this quality of paper lanterns that helps make the environment in a baby shower soothing. Moreover, their pink colour is suitable for a baby shower and their ability to hold a candle or light within them allows you to add a wonderful and subtle glow to the baby shower. There are several other colours of Chinese paper lanterns available at, however, the colour pink goes particularly well with baby showers.

Understandably you might be skeptical about using Pink Paper Lanterns in case the baby is a boy. In this case another paper lantern that is perfect for decorating the baby shower is the Light Blue Paper Lantern. This paper lantern also has the ability to hold a candle or light inside it. Keep in mind that you do not have to stick to only one colour (either pink or light blue); you can use both the paper lanterns for a better overall effect as the both the colours will contrast with each other well.

Finally, in order to complete the set of baby shower decorations that you need for decorating a baby shower to perfection with, you should get the pom poms that are available at There are various coloured pom poms available at this online party supplies store much like the paper lanterns that are mentioned above. Once again, you can choose to use one particular colour or a combination of colours depending on factors such as the gender of the baby and your own preferences. As an example, you can use the White Tissue Paper Pom Poms to decorate the baby shower as the these pom poms will go well with the Pink Paper Lanterns and the Light Blue Paper Lanterns in case you choose to order both of them. However, if that is not the case, then go ahead and order a combination of the pom poms to add a nice set of colours to the baby shower. Moreover, these pom poms are particularly good baby shower decorations as they are every bit as cute and adorable as a little baby.

There are several other decorations available at that you can use to decorate a baby shower. However, you will certainly have a well decorated venue if you stick to the decorations mentioned above. Do remember that the types and amount of decorations that you use depend on how large the area where you will be having the baby shower is. Also, it is a good idea to restrict the amount of decorations in case there will be a lot of guests coming; cramping up the baby shower is the last thing you want. So keep in mind that although it is desirable to have the best baby shower decorations, but you should not use so many decorations that the area where you are having the baby shower starts to feel congested.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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