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How to Host a Memorable 18th Birthday Party

How to Host a Memorable 18th Birthday Party
How to Host a Memorable 18th Birthday Party
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How to Host a Memorable 18th Birthday Party

Throwing a party for the typical child is easy. Fill some goody bags, grab some decorations and invite a bunch of their friends. However, when your child becomes an adult on their 18th birthday, the itinerary changes dramatically. The old cartoon character party themes will not entertain your new adult anymore. They have reached the point in their lives where they realize life has a whole different meaning know. Spending quality time with a small handful of close friends is more important than all the presents in the world. Here are a few suggestions for special parties that you could arrange for an 18 birthday party.

Limo Tour

In this party, you will hire a limo service to take the party group on a special tour of the city from the view of a classy limo. Granted, your child and her friends have likely been all over the city before in their own cars, but there is something very different about getting shuttled to their favorite places and creating a scene from this limo. Many limo drivers offer simple photo services where they will take pictures of the individuals and the group in and around the car. In a longer event, you could arrange the trip to take them to the airport for another exciting trip.

Vacation Paradise

If you want to give your birthday person the chance to experience something truly exciting, send them on a trip alone with their friends (stop biting your nails! It has to be done!) A popular destination would be to send the group to the Gold Coast and the many theme parks there. Warner Bros. Movie World would make for a fantastic outing. You could go with them, but make sure you go and do your own thing.

For something a little more remote (or if you live in the United States), Disney World in Orlando Florida would be the ticket. Granted, Disney was once thought of as a family or childlike place to go, but it's no longer the case - there's something for everybody. Your new adult and their friends will get to take a special trip as adults without the backup of their parents overseeing the event.

Geocaching Hunt

If your teen is tech-savy, why not host a geocaching treasure hunt? This involves hiding various items around the block ... or heck, outside the city, and giving the GPS coordinates on where they are. Teams will drive to locate the items on their iPhone, which could be various birthday treats and supplies. Finally, supplies caches in hand, everybody could meet back at a central location for the birthday bash (which could also be at a GPS coordinate!)

Luau Theme Party

For a low-budget but still fun party, hold a large bash in your backyard. If it's summer, have a luau party (inspired from Hawaiian parties), complete with bamboo torches, a tiki bar, grass skirts, fake palm trees and leis. Go all out! An 18th birthday only comes once. On your barbecue, pork should be on the menu, kabobs, and anything with pineapples. Serve with rice, which is usually friend with pork, green onion and oyster sauce. Have your child invite all his or her friends and have an evening of celebration.

Whatever you or they decide to do, you should try for some special family time, either before or after the big day or event. Have a meal at a fancy restaurant where the birthday guest and the immediate family are the only ones present. Despite your adult child's desire to space themselves from their parents to start their own lives, this could just be the most memorable event they will remember - special, intimate time with family as an adult. Happy 18th birthday!

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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