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Ideas For Birthday Decorations

Ideas For Birthday Decorations
Ideas For Birthday Decorations
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Themes for birthdays are quite clichéd and they seem to be overused so much that your guests would be bored on your birthday if you used the same old clichéd themes. These days the norm is to think outside the box and come up with something completely new and innovative with regards to the birthday party you are trying to host. There are a number of ways for you to be creative and also remain within your budget.

Having a dance party is a new and fun way for you to enjoy your birthday with friends who are into loud music and partying all night. It's actually quite easy to arrange a dance party the key factor here is to have a great sound proof venue so that there are no complaints about the loud music.  To have the best dance party around you will need amazing disco lights, drinks and a killer sound system. You can even glam it up by making the birthday party an invitations only party with a red carpet runner and a security guard at the entrance of the venue to let people with invitations in only. This will give your party an exclusivity feeling.This will increase the overall cost of your party however as having an exclusive security guard can be expensive. Besides this you can use disco party lights which are perfect for any dance party as they strobe perfectly with the music in the party. They have four different colors fitted in to one devise and are perfect for the dance party theme you have at your party.

These days 6 inch glow sticks with neck cords are a huge hit at dance parties and concerts. These glow sticks look super cool in the dark and when you have a huge gathering of people holding up glow sticks the view is amazing from afar.

Drinking is a must at dance parties and since your party will be a bit dark due to the club sort of environment you are trying to create you could use multicolour flashing drink coasters. These will be great for your guests to place their drinks on in the dark and reduce the amount of glasses being broken at your party or drinks being spilt. Like the glow sticks these coasters will look amazing in the dark and will be able to create the kind of ambiance you want at your party.

Since we are using a dance party theme here glow in the dark would be the best option for all the décor of the evening. LED cube chairs are another great way to decorate your venue with some artistic flair and yet still maintaining a club like atmosphere. These LED cube chair have a high powered RGB LED installed in them and are able to lights up and change colors for up to 24 hours. So if your party lasts for a long period of time, like most dance parties do, these chairs would be great for your party. You can even have a LED Party Table and set the color of the table to be of one color and the chairs to change from color to color.

If you do not require the table to be paired with the chairs then you could use it as a table for the guests to place your birthday gifts on. You can place this table in one edge of the venue such as the entrance so that everyone who enters can simply place their gifts on the table and then join the party. This LED furniture will be a huge hit at the birthday party you are planning. All your guests will be raving about the great decorations at your party and the amazing theme you were able to design. Everyone at the party will be dancing till the sun comes up if your party goes to plan.

At the end of the day your party should be in tune with your personality and be exactly what you wanted it to be.  The perfect party would be you and your closest friends having fun dancing to the beat of your favorite music with drinks in hand. The glow sticks you have at your party will look amazing in the dark of the dance floor as would the amazing lights and LED furniture. All these great products combined will make a great dance party for everyone to enjoy. What more can you want to celebrate your birthday? So using these amazing products you can choose to be innovative and design your very own themed party within a limited budget. However, if you have load of money to spend you can afford to be as glamorous as you want it is totally up to you.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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