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Cupcake Decorations

Cupcake Decorations
Cupcake Decorations
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Cupcakes are a great way to treat your friends to a delicious treat at a party or get together. These days' cupcakes are quite a common sight at birthday parties and weddings. They are becoming a great substitute for cakes as they are easier to distribute to the guests and look beautiful. The key to their beauty is that unlike cakes cupcakes don’t have to be cut to be portioned off. Once a cake is cut it destroys the cakes beauty this is why so many people prefer to serve cupcakes instead of proper cakes at their party.

First things first if you plan on serving cupcakes at your party you will either need to make them from scratch or buy them from a professional bakery.  If you plan on decorating the cupcakes yourself then you should definitely bake them from scratch. You can use great innovative products such as a mini cup cake maker which can make up to seven mini cupcakes in 5 minutes tops. All you have to do is make the batter and let the machine do the baking. With seven cupcakes every 5 minutes you will be able to make your required number of cupcakes in only a few hours.

There are several decorative items and techniques you can use to decorate your cupcake. To start off, cupcake liners are a must have it you plan on serving cupcakes these liners have been around for several years now and no cupcake looks complete without one. Besides cupcake liners you can even use cupcake wrappers which are a relatively new and are available in many different patterns and designs from birthdays, national holiday to weddings. If your hosting a birthday party for you little boy or girl then you could use wrappers or liners with their favorite cartoon characters like Disney princesses or Mickey mouse.

If you feel that mini cupcakes are too hectic but still want to keep the cupcake theme then you can even make your very own giant cupcake. A giant cupcake can be made with the help of a giant cup cake tin mould. This will basically be a cake but will look like a giant cupcake. All you have to do is whip up your favorite cake batter and pour it in to the mould and let it bake like any other cake for about 50 minutes or so. After it has finished baking all you have to do is let it cool off and then stick both halves of the cupcake together with icing and decorate the top like you would any other cupcake.

Decorating cupcakes it a fairly easy task there isn’t much to do except make the cupcake look appealing and mouth watering. If you are good at making your own decorations using icing or fondant then decorating cupcakes will come quite naturally to you. These days' cupcakes have beautiful intricate designs on them using icing and life like flowers using fondants. Fondant is quite easy to use if you have some artistic abilities. However if you are a complete loss with both these decorations techniques than you can simply purchase pre-made frosting from the market in all the different colors you want.

There are a lot of decorations to choose from you can use multicolored sprinkles to make the cupcakes look appealing to children if you are hosting a kids birthday party. These days you can find edible flowers and other figurines in shops. These can prove to be quite helpful if you plan on decorating cupcakes for a gathering of mature adults such as a wedding or engagement party. You might even be able to find edible pearls in bakery shops; they look amazing on white icing.

When all your cupcakes are done decorating and ready to be placed at the venue you can't just place them flatly on a table as that will look very messy. Since cupcakes are the new substitutes for cakes it would only be fair to place then as elegantly as a cake would be at a venue. This is why 5 tier cupcake stands are so popular these days. These cupcake stands allow you to display twenty seven cupcakes beautifully at a time. They can even be used as a great centre piece at small family gatherings.

Decorating cupcakes is fairly easy to do and nowadays it doesn’t matter if you’re a good pastry chef or not because so many of the decorating items come prepared and are available in regular department stores. So if you find yourself buying bakery made cupcakes you can rest assured that making your own cupcakes is easy and a very rewarding job. You will be able to give the cupcakes your own personal flair and make your guests feel special as they will know that you yourself decorated them.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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