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21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st Birthday Party Ideas
21st Birthday Party Ideas
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Turning twenty one means that you're finally going to enter adulthood and become a legal adult in your community. This should be the most memorable time of your life and there's no better way to celebrate coming of age than with your closest family members and friends. Having a huge party with a proper guest list and sophisticated venue might be what you looking for if you're letting your parents plan out your twenty first birthday party. This kind of a party will be a reflection your new found maturity and people will be more likely to take you seriously once they see what a wonderful person you have turned out to be.

 If you have decided to have a serious party with your parents and family then you will clearly need a completely different perspective on how to plan a birthday party. You cannot simply just put up a few lights and loud music and call it s birthday party. No, a sophisticated party requires you to have a great venue with amazing décor where all your guests can arrive easily and with class. You will need to decide on flowers, table arrangements, centerpieces, cake and a proper menu for this party to be a ragging success.

All these arrangements depend upon one basic necessity, your budget. If you have a large budget then you don’t need to worry about much and you can afford to through the fanciest party around. However, if you do have a constrained budget then you will need to make decisions about what items to keep in your party and what to exclude so that you do not overspend while throwing this party. A limited budget will lead you to cut back on some unnecessary expenses in your party such as flowers. Instead on flowers you can focus only on lights for the décor a few balloons.

A great substitute for fancy expensive lights would be Chinese paper lanterns. These paper lanterns come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you have a lot of variety to choose from. Most people prefer to use the round paper lanterns as they look incredibly elegant at weddings and birthday parties. However, if you wish to do something different decoration wise then you can use the twisted Chinese lanterns which come in a long twisted design and also look quite elegant.

As far as the balloons are concerned you have to follow the theme of the whole party. Since you're trying to make the party a sophisticated affair it would be wise to use shades of white or silver. These days you can even find white link-o-loons which are special because they can be tied to one another to form intricate patterns with balloons. You could use these link-o-loons to make an archway at the entrance of your party or use it in other ways around the venue to give your party the birthday atmosphere.

If you do not serve a three course meal and instead focus on finger foods it will make your party less costly and hence put less stress on your limited budget. A great idea would be to have a mini chocolate fountain at each table as a centerpiece with an assortment of fresh fruits, marshmallows etc so that your guest  can enjoy a delicious variety of foods dipped in chocolate. After all who doesn’t love chocolate? Adults and children both will fall in love with this idea. To make it even better you could use three different types of chocolate (white, dark and milk) in your chocolate fountains. Do not forget to lay out disposable wooden sticks so that you guests can easily cover their treats with chocolate without contaminating to chocolate itself.

Besides this you have to consider the drinks that will be served at your party. Of course what birthday party would be complete without cocktails and champagne? You can easily buy cocktail mixes these days and there is a large variety of them available as well. On the other hand if you don’t wish to keep cocktails at your birthday party champagne would be the next best choice as you are celebration your birthday.

Taking in all these ideas and giving them your own personal flair will make your 21st birthday one to be remembered. It is a day you will want to remember for the rest of your life so be sure to take many pictures with your closest family members and friends. Be sure not to hold off the arraignments till the last minutes as that can become hectic.  Everything should be preplanned and thought off at least three weeks before the actual event. If you are able to do so then your party will run completely smoothly and you will be able to enjoy it from start to finish. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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