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18th birthday party ideas

18th birthday party ideas
18th birthday party ideas
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The number 18 is usually the golden number of a person’s life; hardly anybody can forget their 18th birthday and the year that followed it. Being at the threshold of adulthood and having the exuberance of youth, a lot of people agree that the 18th year is the most exciting year of their life. It is only fair therefore that if any one of your friends or family members is turning 18; you ought to give him or her a grand birthday, one that that person will never forget for the rest of his or her life. Plan a birthday party that will be nobody will ever be able to ever forget if you want to start off your friend’s or family member’s 18th year with a big bang.

There are plenty of ideas that can help make a person’s 18th birthday spectacular. You will need to be creative and you will have to start planning days before the birthday arrives. First of all you need to figure out if you want to have a theme for the birthday party, if not then you must decide what activities and features the birthday will have.

As far as themes for your loved one’s birthday party are concerned, there are plenty of great themes to choose from. Setting a theme for a birthday makes the birthday more exciting and enjoyable. All the guests will enjoy blending into the theme you chose and you would find it easier to plan the birthday since you have to do everything according the theme of your choice. As an example, you can choose a pirates theme for the birthday. Setting a pirates theme for the birthday obviously requires everybody to dress up as a pirate. This will increase the fun factor in the birthday as it easy to put a pirate outfit together and wearing a pirate outfit automatically makes one want to party harder. Moreover, you can take lots of ideas from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie series; you can organize various games inspired from them, such as a big treasure hunt etc. You can also plan a super villain themed birthday party where everybody can come dressed up as their favourite super villain. This will give everybody a chance to be creative and come dressed up meant to do naughty things! The whole point of a theme is that everybody can be creative with what they are going to wear in the birthday party and you can take inspiration from that very theme to organize the party.

You can set any theme you like or just plan a theme-less birthday party for your loved one and go crazy with the party without having to stick to any theme. This is a better option if you are not concerned with what the guests wear and you just want to have a great time and plan whatever you like without having to stick to any one direction.

With or without a theme, dance and music are two necessary features of anybody’s 18th birthday party. Find and hire a good local DJ and get the dance floor ready. Put on a bunch of really cool lights that will give the party the kind of crazy atmosphere it needs. The Glow Products section of has the perfect lights that can be used to light up a dance floor like nothing else. For example you can order the Green Laser projector or the Go Anywhere Light Show or the Double Disco Light Balls; all three of these items can help make the dance floor breathtaking and really exciting for the person turning 18. Using these lights will assist the DJ make the guests go wild on the dance floor.

Other things that are essential for your loved one’s 18th birthday are the drinks and the food. As far as the drinks are concerned, it is a great idea to get drinks that have now become legal for the loved one whose birthday it is since that person will be able drink alcohol legally. Get some exotic drinks and enjoy drinking with the person whose birthday it is, you can have a big toast to that person with the rest of the guests joining in. Use items such as the Liquid Activated LED Shot Glasses to bring attention to the drinks that the birthday boy or girl can legally drink along with the rest of the party (whoever is above 18 of course). As far as the food is concerned, prepare a big feast in honour of your loved one and try to get exotic dishes.

At last but not least, put in a lot of thought into the birthday cake; your loved one is turning 18 so you should get a cake that befits the situation. Get a grand cake and have a huge round of applause when the birthday boy or girl cuts into their 18th and so far the best cake.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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