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Birthday Decorations For a girls party

Birthday Decorations For a girls party
Birthday Decorations For a girls party
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Birthday parties are incredibly important for girls especially teenagers and if they don’t get to spend it with their friends it can sometimes ruin there day. Girls like to be the center of attention on their birthday, to feel like that it is their day to be a princess and be pampered.  Girls usually love to have surprise parties for each other so if you have decided to throw your best friend a great surprise party you will need to have a clear plan with regards to what you have to do and what supplies you will need to plan the birthday party. The best part of a surprise birthday party is the element of surprise. You will need to be quite sneaky in how to plan the guest list, venue, décor and food without your best friend noticing.

The first thing you will need to consider is the venue. Since you're planning a surprise birthday party the venue can be either your friend's house or any place you both visit often so as to not draw too much suspicion. Once you have the venue finalized you can focus your attention on food and beverages. Since it's not a grown up party all you need is a few soda bottles, chips and dip and some more finger foods like mini pizzas etc. The guest list should also be finalized and you can text or call all your friends secretly a few days before the party is to be held. This is necessary as nobody can attend parties if they are only informed a few hours in advance as they might have other places to be. So to make sure all your guests attend the party, try to send them an invite a few days before the actual party is held and ask for an R.S.V.P.

Now we can focus on the décor of the party. Since it’s a girls party you will need to focus on all things "Pink" and "girly". Basically that is the theme to your birthday party. To start off you will need lots of balloons preferably in shades of pink or purple. You can use link-o-loons in both pink and purple to create an archway made out of balloons near the door or even a net of balloon you can hang on top of the ceiling. If you do not have time for such complicated designs then you can opt to use simple helium filled balloons tied all over the venue using ribbons.

Besides balloons you can use lights to give the venue a party feel. Lights such as feather string lights are quite suited for such a birthday party as they have purple feathers and when you turn them on the light within the feathers is pink and looks amazingly beautiful. This will complement your theme of pink and purple and also look amazing at the venue. If you do not seem to like these lights then don’t worry there are many varieties to choose from like the purple hibiscus string lights. These purple hibiscus string lights will look great at the birthday party as they have a natural, realistic look and add just the right kind ambience to the event without being too flashy. You can hang these lights or any other kinds of lights you choose around the edges of the venue.

Of course since it’s a birthday party you need some party poppers. You can use a special kind of party popper known as pink bright silk rose petal cannons. These rose petal cannons are a great way to surprise your best friend and the petals will look great while they are on the floor, Furthermore these petals are no hassle to clean up after the party has ended. The rose petal cannons are manufactured specifically for rose petals and are hand held. They are quite safe and easy to use and everyone at the party will love them.

Every birthday party needs a cake and you can easily order a special cake from a professional bakery or you can make one yourself. Making one yourself always makes a person feel happy as you have taken out the time to lovingly make their cake for them. You could decorate the cake with frosting and decorative flowers and figurines as well.

To make the party a roaring success you will have to keep the birthday girl clueless so that once you surprise her she actually is surprised. This would require a lot of planning on your part but it will all be worth it in the end when you see her expression at the surprise. Making someone happy is a great feeling and your friend or family member will definitely appreciate it. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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