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Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties
Kids Birthday Parties
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Children are little bundles of joy and their innocence makes a person's heart melt. Celebrating a child's birthday party is quite a rewarding thing especially when you see their little faces light up with joy and excitement. Children feel very sad when their birthdays are not acknowledges or celebrated. This is usually because when they see their friends having huge birthday parties, which most children do, they want theirs to be celebrated in the same way. Hence it is imperative that you plan your child's birthday in such a way that they are able to enjoy it to the fullest with their friends.

To make your child's birthday party a raving success and one that they will cherish for the rest of their lives you can use the following ideas. To start off you should have all the décor, food, beverages and entertainment pre planned so that you don’t have any last minute hiccups. When we talk about entertainment we mean clowns, magic shows etc. If you have the right kind of entertainment at your child's birthday party it will be enjoyable for both your guests and your child. Clowns are usually a hit at entertaining children with their jolly and funny antics. Both adults and kids will be able to enjoy a good clown show.

As far as the food and beverages are concerned you should probably serve foods kids actually like eating. A great option would be small sandwiches cut in to different shapes such as stars, moons and fairies using a biscuit cutter. Another great hit with kids are mini sausages which you can easily fry up in your own kitchen and serve them within a few minutes. Mini pizzas can also be served to kids as they love pizza and the portions are so small that they can finish eating a single mini pizza themselves meaning no wastage of food.  Kids also love jelly so to be creative you can serve little cubes of colorful jelly in clear plastic cups. This will also mean that you don’t have to clean up after these cups have been used as they are recyclable.

Since it’s a kid's birthday party you can't use your expensive china. So it would be a good idea to buy recyclable white snack plates so that the kids can get whatever they want themselves in the plate and eat it without any need of adult supervision. After you have planned about the food you need to consider beverages. Kids love fizzy drinks no matter what the brand so it will be a good idea to serve different types of fizzy drinks. The only problem with these fizzy drinks is that they loose their fizz quite quickly and go flat. To counter such a problem you can use an ingenious device known as the fizz keeper it simply repressurizes the bottles when you pump it a few times and fits most 2 litre bottles.

Now we turn to the décor of the venue. Decorating for a kid's birthday party is quite easy if you don’t have a fancy theme. Balloons are the most important piece of décor you will need at a kids birthday's party you can use different types of balloons as well. To start of you will need lots of helium filled balloons. You can fill the balloons yourself using a helium tank and balloon kit. It's quite easy to use and portable and will get the job done easily. All you have to do is tie these balloons to ribbons and fasten them all over the venue in a scattered style.

Link-o-loons can also be used to decorate the venue. Link-o-loons are a special kind of balloon that has a unique elongated tail which can be used to tie them to another balloon. Due to this unique feature of the link-o-loon you can use them to create a fantastic archway or even chains. All you need to do use a bit of creativity and you will be able to decorate the venue with these fantastic balloons. You can even find happy birthday link-o-loons which are special because they have happy birthday written on the balloons.

Besides all these arrangements the final thing you have to take care of is the cake. The cake is imperative when it comes to a child's birthday party. You can order a cake at any professional bakery and get it made in any design or shape your child wants. It would be preferable if you get your child's favorite cartoon character made on the cake as that will make their day.

At the end of the day your child's birthday party should be a day worth celebrating and enjoying to the fullest. So take loads of pictures and make a few great memories to cherish for the rest of your life. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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