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How to decorate a beach for a special event

How to decorate a beach for a special event
How to decorate a beach for a special event
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If you're planning to have a party with a beach theme or more simply trying to have a party on the beach then all you need a few simple supplies and you will be able to conduct a great party on a budget. The most ideal place for a beach party would be of course on the beach but it would be an added bonus to have it near a beach house so that your guests have a choice of either partying out on the beach or in the beach house. The main focus of the party will be the beach and you can have a barbeque with friends and a bonfire to make the party even more entertaining and fun.

The beach house will benefit you in many reasons as it will have indoor plumbing and also allow you to hook up your music to electricity as well. If you did not have the beach house you would have serious problems. So you will have to figure out a great venue for your party try to look for a slightly secluded beach house so that the neighbors don’t  get irritated with the loud music and partying. You could either rent such a venue or better yet ask your friends if they have such a beach house and hold the party there.

Once the party venue has been arranged for you will need to decide on what kind of supplies you will need for the party. To start off you will need a few lights around the venue. On the beach you will have a bon fire so no need for lights there but you could hang some lights around the sitting area. A few 9m rope lights will be the most adequate choice as they are flexible and easy to use. These lights can be used around the edges of the roof of the beach house itself and even around the path way that lead to the beach on the back side of the beach house. If you have set up a salad bar you can even line the sides of the table with these lights.

 Another great product to use for lighting are a few 14inch palm tree paper lanterns scattered all over the venue hanging from the ceilings in the back of the beach house and elsewhere. The reason why these lanterns are a great for your party is that there are a few palm trees made on one side of the lantern which is perfect for your beach party. These paper lanterns will need single lights. These light are battery operated with white LED bulbs hence perfect for all your paper lanters. As an added bonus these lantern light comes with two batteries which will last for more than 20 hours.

Another fun idea for your beach party is to get one or two large inflatable palm tree drink coolers for the party. These will look quite interesting at the party as they will be going with the whole beach idea. They are also quite useful as one can hold around sixty cans and your guests can simply help themselves to whatever they want to drink. If you want to keep a salad bar on the beach so that your guests can from the assortments of salads you have prepared you can use inflatable salad cooling stations.

By using this salad bar you can avoid all of the heavy lifting and need for transporting bulky coolers to the beach party. This inflatable cooling station is super easy to pack and transport all you have to do is unfold and inflate it up when you need you use it to keep your food cool. Next you simply fill the cooling station with some ice and stock it up with the party snacks.

Since it’s an outdoor party you can even stir up some cocktails and serve them in cool party pitcher with LED lights. These will look amazing in the dark setting of the beach party and all your guests will love the idea of an LED flashing pitcher.

Using a few of the ideas mentioned above you can surely create an amazing event all by yourself without the help of any party planner. All you need to do is preorder the required supplies for decorating the venue and also the drinks and food you will be serving at the party. Planning a party is not all that hard all that it requires is a bit of planning an organization. Make sure you order all the decorations at least a month before the actual event to save yourself from any inconvenience right before the party. If you feel you need more supplies or need to change a few of your ideas ordering a month in advance will give you that flexibility.  

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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