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Table Decorating and ideas

Table Decorating and ideas
Table Decorating and ideas
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Parties of any kind be it birthday parties or a weddings need table centerpieces. Centerpieces are a great way of decorating an ordinary table and making it beautiful and unique. Centerpieces allow your bland and completely ordinary looking table look amazing and give an overall party outlook. There are many types of centerpieces you can use from elegant to completely funky and unique. For weddings and grown up cocktail parties of course you will have to use elegant and sophisticated centerpieces. On the other hand if you're celebrating a birthday party for a teen then you can use funky and creative centerpieces and decorations. Needless to say all your troubles related to table centerpieces and decorations will be solved with the following ideas and tips.

First let's discuss how to set up the tables before you even think about decorating them. Firstly you need to pick the fabric you're going to be covering the table with it can be in any material but it is mostly only cotton and silk are the fabrics available in the market. You will be choosing the color of the fabric while taking the theme in to consideration so that the color of the fabric doesn’t clash with the rest of your theme.

If you're decorating for a wedding or a cocktail party then of course you will need a centerpiece with an elegant outlook. There are several choices available. If you’re an old fashioned person then you're probably going to be looking for centerpieces that are either flowers or have flowers incorporated in to them. If you're looking for a simple flower arrangement as a center piece you can use 10x22cm cylindrical vases. The best feature about these vases is that it's not necessary for you to just use them for flowers these vases are extremely versatile and can be used for floating candles and other amazing products. The only thing that matters is for you to be creative and use them for something truly innovating.

If you have decided to use these 10x22cm cylindrical vases then of course you will need table runners as well. Silk table runners are usually the best as they look amazing on the table. You can find them in a variety of colors as well.

If you really want to "woaw" your guests then you can use water crystal decorations. These beautiful water crystals look amazing when combined with submersible LED lights. They come in a 5gram granule pack and all you have to do is add water to 
them and watch them expand into large clear balls they are also reusable and have a lifespan of 1 year. You can choose from a list of colors that include clear white, black, aqua, blue, purple, pink and red.  

If you want to scatter candles in the center of the table of course it will look incredibly beautiful but there is the hazard of something catching fire especially on a table with kids. There is an easy solution to such a problem and that is using tea light LED candles. These candles and an amazing product as they seem very realistic due to the LED light flickering like a normal candle would. So if you want no fire hazard breaking out at your wedding or cocktail party then these would be the ideal choice as substitutes for candles.

Another innovative idea is to use table sphere lights. These table sphere lights have pink sticks which are connected to beautiful little sphere lights. These lights can last for 48 hours without any connection to electricity due to its built in battery. These lights can be placed in the cylindrical vase we already mentioned above and use could use 3 - 6 sphere lights in each vase. These will look amazing in a dimly lit room and will give your party that glamorous yet elegant ambiance.

If you decided on what kind of centerpiece to use then you can make it even more beautiful by using crystal strands. You can lay these strands down on the tables around the centerpiece in a circular fashion. If you have opted to use LED lights in your centerpiece or even candles then the light from them will make the crystals flicker in a beautiful way.

With all these ideas we have mentioned above you can easily decorate the tables at your event and you can even t tweak these ideas and give them your own personal touch. Make sure you pre-order all the necessary supplies you will need to decorate the tables at the venue. If you pre-order at least one month in advance then you will be saving yourself from a lot of future hassles such as supplies running out etc. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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