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Sweet 16 Ideas

Sweet 16 Ideas
Sweet 16 Ideas
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16 is the perfect age! You are young, you do not have a care in the world, and you are ready to discover the world on your own. The 16th birthday is therefore an important milestone of a person’s life. Celebrating the 16th birthday is therefore absolutely necessary. There are plenty of ideas as far as celebrating a 16th birthday is concerned, with a bit of planning and using some creativity, you can organize a great party that will be a lot of fun and will be a great way to start your kid’s or somebody else’s 16th year.

Making the 16th birthday fun and exciting is really important; dancing, games, and planning other various exciting activities are great ways to bring the fun element in the party out. Create a dance floor in the middle of the party area and let your kid who is turning 16 and his or her friends enjoy dancing to the latest beats. One of the most important aspects of a funky dance floor is to have really nice lights around it. There are quite a few great gadgets with light effects available at that can help you get the dance floor look really amazing and perfect for your kid’s birthday. The Disco Party Light is the perfect product to make the dance floor come alive. This gadget has 4 different coloured lights that light up with the rhythm of the music and will look really cool hanging over the dance floor with the lights directly pointing at the where the dancing will be done. This product will give the party a very “disco” feel and your kid and his or her friends will be delighted to have a dance floor with such great disco lights. Another great product that can be used to decorate the dance floor and make everybody dance like crazy is the Go anywhere light show. This item can be hung at the ceiling above the dance floor and it will create a great lighting effect over the dance floor. This is just the gadget you need to liven up the dance floor with the help of any other instruments. Of course as far as the dancing part of the birthday party is concerned, hire a good local DJ at the party and ask him or her to play your son’s or daughter’s favourite tracks. You can also create a playlist and just run the songs on a nice sound system and watch the guests and the birthday boy or girl dance and have a great time.

A great idea for boys and girls who are turning 16 is to have a movie night plus sleepover at their sweet 1 birthday party. Invite your closest friends, order pizza and make a list of a few really good movies. It is best to get DVDs of movies nobody has seen yet; ask everybody beforehand not to see particular movies that are coming out on DVD and watch them together on your 16th birthday. You can also go to the cinema with your friends and watch a latest movie that you and your friends are excited about. After the cinema you can have a sleepover with your friends and have fun with them. At the sleepover you can play fun games with your friends or you can even have a little bonfire. One great alternative to the typical bonfire is the Mystical Fire available here in the online shop. Adding the Mystical Fire powder to the fire in your normal bonfire fire will make it turn into different colours and will keep being multicoloured for hours. This would add something new and different to the normal bonfires you have had and would make it more interesting to camp around the mysteriously coloured bright fire. You can get various eatables like marshmallows to the bonfire and enjoy the rest of the night with your friends around the bonfire having fun telling stories and roasting marshmallows the good old fashioned way.

Yet another great idea when it comes to celebrating a sweet16 birthday is to have a big BBQ next to the pool (if you have one) or in your backyard. The ideas mentioned previously should ideally be done after dark or roughly around that time, however BBQs are best done in afternoons when there is plenty of light. If you are having a BBQ with your friends on your 16th birthday in your backyard, then first decorate the backyard properly. Get some nice plants for your backyard, neaten up your lawn, hedges etc and get lights for when the evening comes up. You can get Chinese paper lanterns such as Pink Paper lanterns and also get lights to put in the lanterns to provide light when the sun starts going down; the single light for paper lanterns would do just fine as far as the light for each paper lantern is concerned.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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