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Disco Decorations

Disco Decorations
Disco Decorations
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Having a disco themed party at your house can be quite a fun experience for you and your guests. Having a 70's themed disco party can be heaps of fun as you and all your guests can dress up in consumes and dance to groovy music that was a hit back in the 70's. It's not that hard to find 70's themed costumes you can find them in any costume store. If you don’t want to rent out a special costume for the party then you can simply create your own.

When setting up for a disco themed party you need to consider a lot of things like the venue, the lighting and of course the music. The venue should be spacious so that your guests can boogie till the break of day. The 70's were most famous for the disco era in which people would dance on huge dance floors to the sound of funky music. It was also the time when disco lights became the most famous.

To make your party look retro and totally funky you could use disco dancer scene setters. These are basically stickers which are 2 x 94cm x 156cm and all you have to do is stick them on to a wall to make the venue come to life. Each pack has two disco dancers one is a groovy male and the other is a foxy female. They aren't even that expensive so they are ideal to use as part of your décor at a 70's themed disco party. Be sure not to clutter your walls with these stickers just a few will be great to set the mood at the venue over doing them can lead to the ambiance of the venue being spoiled.

Now we can focus on what makes a disco party come alive the disco lights. There are so many disco lights available out there but choosing the right one according to your venues needs is most the best thing to do. You do not want to over load the venue with so many disco lights that it becomes impossible for your guests to focus on dancing and instead be distracted by the lights.

To make your party a complete 70's themed disco party you will need to focus on a few aspects when doing the decoration. It would be a good idea to have a party mirror ball on the ceiling exactly in the middle of the dance floor. The party mirror ball was the icon of the 70's and it would be wrong of you not to incorporate that in to your dance floors decoration. The mirror ball is 20 x 20 x 20cm with high reflection square mirrors on it. When you hit the mirror ball with the powerful spot light it looks amazing and you will feel like you have been transported back in time to a real 70's disco party.

Besides the mirror ball you can also use double disco light balls. These disco light's have a unique feature that they rotate 360 degrees and are able to emit an array of beautiful colors. All you have to do is hook it up to a power source using an adapter and turn the light on using a convenient on/off button. These lights will be best way to have that ultimate disco effect at your party with multicolored lights moving in all directions due to the 360 degree turns of the two disco balls.

If you want to opt for an even cooler sort of light for your disco party then you can purchase a disco party light. These lights are different from the rest of the lighting systems we have discussed so far. This is majorly due to the built-in smart technology these lights have which allows them to strobe perfectly in time with the music you play at the party.  Once you turn this light on it strobes to the beat of the music. Flashing lights in four different colors red, green, yellow and blue. This will give you and your guests that perfect disco feel and all of you will be able to enjoy a night of groovy partying till the sun comes up.

Planning the ultimate 70's themed disco party will not be a hard task at all as all you have to do to make the party interesting is hook up a few disco lights and play music that was a hit back in the 70's. When all of your friends will be dressed up in their 70's themed get ups all of you will be able to take lots of memorable pictures and have a blast dancing to your favorite music. Just make sure you pre-order all the basic supplies you will be need for the party so as to avoid any kind of hassle on the day of the event.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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