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Cocktail Party Planning

Cocktail Party Planning
Cocktail Party Planning
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Cocktail parties have to be the best way to entertain your guests at a gathering whether it's for business or pleasure. There used to be a time when cocktail parties were a formal affair but nowadays cocktail parties are usually more laid back. It's best to hold a cocktail party on a weekend so that all your closest friends and colleague have a chance to come and join you at the party. Most cocktail parties last for about two to three hours so you have the option of having the party in the evening or during the night. It is totally up to you and whatever timing is convenient for you and your guests.

If you're feeling nervous and have never in your life planned a cocktail party we can assure you it is not hard at all. In fact cocktail parties are said to be one of the easiest parties a person can throw. Let's start off with invitations. Be sure to send an e-mail or letter invitation to all of your guest's two weeks before the actual date of the cocktail party so that all of your guests have time to make some free time and RSVP you.

Since it’s a cocktail party your main emphasis should be on having different kinds of alcoholic beverages for your guests. It won't be logical of you to assume that you will be able to prepare and serve all the drink yourself at the party so you have two options. The first being to hire a bar tender who would be an expert in making drinks and will not waste any time in taking your guests order or if this proves to be too much of an expense  then you could always purchase a few cocktail fountains.

Cocktail fountains are incredibly amazing and should be on the top of your supplies list whenever you're thinking about holding a cocktail party. They look stunning and are quite different from any other punch bowl you will ever see at parties. You can use an array of cocktail mixes like for example the Margareta cocktail mix and serve the drinks through this cocktail fountain. You will need around 5 bottles of this cocktail mixture as the cocktail fountain serves 5 liters and each cocktail bottle is used to serve only one liter. The plus points are that many guests will be served simultaneously and there will be no hassle of guests waiting to be served with their drinks.  

Asides from being a total benefit in the drinks serving department this cocktail fountain will also add a touch of elegance to your whole party. This is largely due to the fact that its electronic motor makes the drink flow constantly up and over the tiers like a beautiful waterfall. It has its own drinking cups hanging on the sides of the bowl. If you really want to "wow" your guests you can add a few drops of food color which will really make your fountain come to life and all your guests will appreciate its beauty.

However, if you choose to make all the drinks yourself because you have a limited number of guests and you feel you will be able to handle the amount of drinks that need to be made then you can use a handy gadget called the cocktail mixer. The cocktail mixer is a great product if you're going to be making your own cocktails because it will be able to whip up cocktails in no time. All you will have to do is pour out the drinks in beautiful martini glasses. If you do not have your own then you can buy premium plastic cocktail glass's that come in sets of ten and they are quite cheap.

Your guests will not be able to tell the difference and they look spectacular when you serve them up with a colorful drink. If you want to add even more flare and creativity to your drinks then instead of using regular boring ice cubs you could use "cool jewels" these will especially be a hit at your party if it is all women. Cool jewels is an amazing diamond ice cube tray all you have to do is fill it in like any other ordinary ice cube tray and pop out diamond shaped ice cups which will look amazing in drinks.

When it comes to planning cocktail parties all you need to do is pre-plan the whole event in your mind and keep a list of all the supplies you will need to order at least a few weeks before the event. If you are able to receive all the supplies before the actual even then all your efforts will be rewarded and you will be able to host the cocktail party without any hassles what so ever. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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