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How to Dress for Parties

How to Dress for Parties
How to Dress for Parties
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One of the most fun aspects of a party is dressing up for it. Planning what to wear, preparing the dress, wearing it to the party; dressing up is one of the main things that make it worth going to a party, for many the whole point of a party is to look as good as possible.  No matter what the party is, special emphasis has to be laid upon what you are going to wear; you need to consider the occasion or the kind of party you have been invited to, what dress would be appropriate for the party and what would suit you.  

When choosing a dress for a party the first thing that you need to consider is what kind of a party it is; you need to consider whether the party is a formal, semiformal or a casual event. Each kind of party will obviously need a separate kind of attire and there can even be subdivisions under each one of the kinds of parties mentioned. If the invitation card does not mention the dress code that you are required to wear to the party or if you are not sure whether the party you have been invited to is a formal affair or a semi formal or even casual one and you are afraid to turn up to the party over or underdressed, then ask other people who have been invited to the same party or more importantly consider the occasion for which the party is being celebrated or where the guests are invited to. As far as tips for the dress itself are concerned, here are some pointers that would do you good while choosing a dress for a party:

If the event is formal or in other words if the party is a black tie affair then you can obviously go with a formal suit, it is a safe choice and you cannot go wrong with a black tuxedo if you are a man and a nice long evening dress if you are a woman. However if you want to look a little more trendy you can wear a black shirt with a tux and no tie if you are a man or if you are a woman you can wear a long cocktail dress. If the party invitation says that wearing a formal dress is an option then obviously the party is a formal one and if you are not planning on wearing a tuxedo, as far as men are concerned, then at least go with a dark suit. For women, a dress is the answer to any formal occasion, the degree of formality depends upon the person. When dressing up for a formal event, do not be afraid to be creative. Wear accessories that are tasteful and creative and contrast with the whole formality of the event.

Some events are semiformal and do not require you to wear a tuxedo or a long party dress. For such events a normal suit would do as far as men are concerned. Women should avoid wearing dresses that are too short or that are too fancy for the event. Business events may be semiformal and women should prefer a more professional look for parties that are related to the workplace.

Of course the most enjoyable parties with respect to dressing up are costume parties or fancy dress parties. Such parties allow you to let your creativity run wild and you can come dressed up as anything you like. If you fancy being a superhero, or any other thing for that matter, then you can simply be one at such parties. It is best start preparing your costume or dress at least a week in advance. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars in getting your dress ready for the party; all it takes is resourceful use of the clothes and accessories you already have and buying a few things that will help you complete the look you are trying to achieve. The Theme/Costume/Dress up section of is a great place to buy a lot of inexpensive things that can help you complete your dress or costume. If you are going for the classic princess look then you can use the Flashing Tiara on top of a white dress. Using things that are available in this section you do not even have to work too much on the whole dress; just wear something multicoloured and a LED Flashing Jester Hat to look like the perfect jester.

So all in all, dress up according to the party; each party may require a different kind of getup. If you do not have suitable clothes for a party and are in need of something that looks good and does not cost too much, search for on the internet; you will find plenty of great dresses or suits at affordable prices.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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