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Invitation Wording For Cocktail Party

Invitation Wording For Cocktail Party
Invitation Wording For Cocktail Party
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Cocktail parties can be an informal affair or an informal one it all depends on what kind of people you are inviting to the party. Of course for an informal gathering of friends and family all you need to do is send out an email or a text message to invite your guests. However, this is definitely not the case if you are inviting colleagues to a cocktail party. For such a formal gathering the invitations need to be professionally made and need to have proper English and the venue and timing clearly defined in the invitation.

The aim of these invitations will be to be polite and respectable. They also need to show your guests how grown up you are so do not use any abbreviations or anything that would be considered to be immature. Professionally made cards can cost a hefty amount of money and if you're not willing to spend so much on simple invitation cards then you can print them out yourself using your personal laptop and printer. If you want to add a special touch to the cards then you can even add handmade decorations to the cards once they have been printed.

The cocktail party you are planning can be based on a special occasion such as a pre-wedding or pre-engagement cocktail party. If that is the case them you will have to mention the guests of honor in your invitations and make sure the people you invite understand the significance of the party. You can start of the invitation with a one liner regarding the event. Some examples are:

·         The Martinis are shaken, The Champagne is chilled before Blank and blank become Husband and wife let's shower them with one more toast!

·         Blank and blank are tying the knot join us for one last evening of fun before they take the plunge.

·         He caught her hook, line and sinker! Help us celebrate blank and blanks last couple days before they tie they not.

·         He popped the question and she said "Yes!" so let’s toast to their future happiness!

·         Blank and blank are soon to cut the cake let's toast the happy couple with cocktails.

These are just a few examples that you can use to start off the invitation and then below that you can write in all the necessary details like the address, date, timing and of course the dress code for both men and women. If you need an RSVP then you should also mention your phone number or email address so that your guests can tell you if they will be coming or not and you can plan the party according to the guest list.

The venue you choose for the party should be decorated lightly with fairy and string lights. The lights should not be too festive or over the top as the party is just a get together of people over drinks and light appetizers instead of a full on dinner party.

Since you plan to celebrate the union of two people then of course the best man and maid of honor will be making a toast. For that you will need champagne to be served at the party in majority to other cocktails.  To make the event even more special you can use champagne flowers. These are little syrup soaked blooms that come in a box full of rhubarb and raspberry flavored syrup. You can simply place each flower individually in the champagne flutes and pour in the champagne. The tiny bubbles of the champagne will transform this red bloom in to a crown shaped flower which will look amazing. To add a bit of a sweet flavor to the champagne you can even add a bit of the syrup the blooms were soaked in. It has a sweet taste but if you don’t want it to overpower the champagne then you can skip this idea. Once the drink is finished in the flutes your guests can even eat these flowers and they actually taste quite good.

Just for fun you can even use a great product known as a party text spinner. Using this amazing product you can give the happy couple you are holding the cocktail party for a special message or even write their names together in a way like for example blank wed blank.

The party you plan needs to be planned to perfection so that the happy couple you are celebrating can enjoy themselves. This starts with the perfect invitations for the cocktail party this is because even if one aspect of the invitation is skewed or miss printed the guests will not be able to make it to the party on time or might even end up at the wrong location. So be sure to double check the wording of the invitations.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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