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50th birthday celebrations

50th birthday celebrations
50th birthday celebrations
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 A person's 50th birthday party should be one which is celebrated with a lot of people and a lot of commotion. No one should spend their fiftieth birthday sitting indoors with the same monotonous routines. It should be exactly the opposite a person celebrating their fiftieth birthday should spend the day with their friends and family enjoying it fully. For most people the day can be depressing as they seem to only think about depressing things but in fact this should never be the case. Being fifty should be seen as a blessing as a person has learned so much from life and now at this age has a better understanding of the world and how it works.

For a person's fiftieth birthday the whole party and theme should be one which reflects a bit of class and elegance while still remaining fun for the guests and the person whose birthday you are celebrating. This is mainly due to the fact that fifty is not that old and you can still have fun when you're celebrating your birthday. A party with a cocktail theme would be a great idea in such a situation so let's start off with a few tips and ideas to get you started on how to host or plan a 50th birthday party.

Let's start with a few decorating tips. Around the venue you will need a few lights you have a variety of lights to choose from string lights to fairy lights to Chinese paper lanterns. String lights and fairy are an incredible way to decorate your venue and they give out a subtle delicate light which will make the venue look elegant. Some great lights you could use are White Frangipani string lights which are 6cm in diameter with a total of  thirty five in total on a 4.5 meter string. These will look lovely on the sides of the venue and can also be used in themed parties. What makes them even more glamorous is that they are so beautiful and popular that they even got a feature in Ok magazine.

If the above lights do not suit your theme then you can use fairy lights like the Rattan Ball String Lights which are 7cm in diameter with 20 balls in total on the string. These can be used to give the venue a rustic elegance and can even be used outdoors if you wish to hold your party in a lawn or garden.

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 Another type of light you can use in your décor is Chinese paper lanterns. The most common type of shape is round and you can find these Chinese paper lanterns in a variety of colors and even designs. These lanterns are very affordable and either come in single form or in packs of multiple lanterns it depends on the design. The best feature about these lanterns is that you can easily set them up by expanding them and then simply tying them in to place wherever you want them in the venue. After that all you need to do is add a single light for paper lanterns in the Chinese paper lanterns and it will give off a dim light.

This light is a simple battery powered LED light with a white bulb and comes with two batteries that will last for up to 20 hours. As an added bonus the batteries can also be replaced after they have run out. Other decorating items you can use are LED dazzle lights. These lights will surely add a wow your guests as the amazing wall of LED lights is a must-have party centerpiece as it creates an incredible waterfall-like effect. This unbelievable product has 600 lights that allow you to control several different functions, including flashing and twinkling. If you plan on have a stage at your event then this product will be ideal as a back drop and will look amazing. But due to the sensitive nature of the product it would be advised only to use it indoors and not outdoors so that you don’t have to face any undesirable electric failures etc.

Other than these decorations you can use different types of centerpieces to make the tables at your party look amazing. However, all these products you need to be order well before the party. It is best to get these products ordered at least a month in advance so that you don’t have any last minute hiccups.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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