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First Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party Ideas
First Birthday Party Ideas
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A child's first birthday should be celebrated with a big bang and you should document each and every detail of that joyous event with pictures and home videos. This can be done so that when your child grows up they know that they are that cherished by their parents and dont feel neglected. As a parent we are sure that you want to make sure your child's first birthday is celebrated in the most grandest way possible even if your child wont understand the significance of a big birthday party it is the thought that counts. You should call all of your family members and closest friends and even some of your child's baby friends who he/she usually play with on play dates. To plan a grand birthday party can take a huge toll on your monthly budget and so you should be more careful about the kind of supplies you want to buy and how to use them in the birthday party. This is where we come in in this article we will be mentioning a few tips and tricks on how to buy the ideal supplies and how best to use them so that you can throw a party with in your budget which will be a hit with all the guests. 

Lets start off with the most basic necessity any birthday party for a small child would need and that is balloons. Balloons can be quite run of the mill and boring. If you want to make the birthday more interesting and unique then you can use our best selling product called the link-o-loon. You must be wondering what exactly is a link-o-loon. It is basically a specially made 30cm latex balloon with a unique feature which is its elongated tail used to tie these balloons to one another. You can create beautiful 3D designs and arches with these amazing balloons they are also quite affordable as they come in a pack of 50. To make the party seem even more like a birthday party for your guests you can use a large happy birthday banner. This banner is 1.8m in size and will make a great impression on all your guests as it will make the birthday party seem grand. 

We know that since its a birthday party for a 1 year old you might find it very hard to come up with fun activities for your child and his/hers friends to do but dont be disheartened as we have a few products that are sure to make the birthday party fun for the children. A snow machine would be an amazing thing to use in such a situation as children love the effect of falling snow. Children love watching how the flakes move from the top of the room or venue to the bottom and it will feel like a wonderland to them. This machine will be able to create your own winter wonderland paradise and give you a great chance to capture some memorable pictures of your child's 1st birthday. You will need some snow machine liquid to make this whole plan operable. One bottle of snow machine liquid is of 1 litre you should keep an extra one at hand so that you dont run out of snow to early during the party. 

Children love sweets and cakes so to give all the guests at your party a tasty treat you can prepare miniature cupcakes for them using out amazing mini cupcake maker. This amazing machine has the capacity to bake 7 mini cupcakes in a matter of 5 minutes. This means you will be able to prepare the necessary amount of cupcakes for your party in a matter of minutes leaving you a lot of time to prepare of other arrangments needed at the party. All you have to do is simply preheat the machine and pour in the cupcake mixture of your choice and in 5 minutes your cupcakes will be prepared.

To decorate these cupcakes easily without any delay and complications you can use our amazing battery powered frosting pen. This frosting pen is very easy to use and will leave your kitchen mess free. You can decorate cupcakes and even cookies if you want with it by writing on them on even making designs on them. This pen has 3 icing cartridges for 3 different colors of icing which you can easily swap at any occasion. It also comes with 6 decorating tips for your convenience so that you can easily makes loads of designs.

With all these ideas and tips we are sure that you will be able to host the most perfect 1st birthday party for your little angel and make a lot of memories. 



Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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