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30th Birthday Gift Ideas and suggestions

30th Birthday Gift Ideas and suggestions
30th Birthday Gift Ideas and suggestions
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Getting a gift for somebody turning 30 might get a little tricky. A person who is turning 30 is perhaps quite mature but not old by any means. It might get hard to decide whether to get something mature and sophisticated or something that says 'fun'. This may confuse some people and might get them to struggle in deciding one gift. On the one hand you can buy something a little reserved such as a tie and on the other hand you can take the liberty of getting something fun like a poker set.

This, however, should not worry you as the purpose of giving a gift is not as much as giving a something that might come in handy as it is to give something that you feel like giving; it is up to the person receiving the gift to find use for it. If you really want to give a gift that will be safe and will probably be handy for a person then go ahead and give a shaving kit or a perfume (not that there is anything wrong with that). But if you want to give something that you would like that person to have, then it is worth putting in at least some effort to find the perfect gift.

For a person turning 30, there are plenty of choices out there for you as far as choosing a gift for that person is concerned. Of course apart from knowing the fact that that person is turning 30 and that you have to get something that is appropriate for a person that age, you must also employ whatever knowledge you have regarding the taste and likes and dislikes of that person in order to get your hands on the right gift. You must not worry about having to spend on expensive things as an online store like has plenty of potential gifts that are affordable and are perfect for people for all ages let alone 30 year olds. Here are some suggestions that might just help you end up with the perfect gift:

Mini Cupcake Maker

Whatever you have read in this article so far has not mentioned the factor of gender. Obviously what would appeal to a man would not appeal to a woman and vice versa. So a Mini Cupcake Maker might not float a man's boat but this gift will certainly get a lady jumping for joy. The Mini Cupcake Maker makes 7 delicious cup in 5 minutes and is, thus, every woman's dream. It is made out of high quality aluminium that is tough and will last for years to come. Gifts such as the Mini Cupcake Maker are perhaps a lot better than a simple ornament; a gift should be a bit more personal and should encourage a person to want to do something new and different. This is exactly what the Mini Cupcake Maker is; it will give a person a reason to be happy and have cupcakes!

Remote Control Esky

Having given you an idea about what to get for a lady turning 30, it is only fair that an equally great gift for men should be mentioned. The Remote Control Esky is perhaps every man's dream gift. Having a drink whenever one feels like it just by using a remote control is exactly what every man turning 30 needs especially when he just feels like relaxing on a sofa in front of the telly on lazy weekends. Of course in other circumstances giving a gift that gives a person reason to be lazy is not exactly the best kind of gift, but in this case, not having to get up every time a person wants a drink when he wants to relax is not exactly a bad thing.

Tattoo Toast

This particular toaster is definitely something that is going to get anybody beam at you at his or her birthday. You would be thinking what is special about a normal toaster. Well the answer is that this toaster is anything but normal. You can decide between two different designs as far as the tattoos on toasts are concerned. You can either order a design that says "Happy Birthday" on a cake or one that says "I Love You" on a heart. By giving this gift you can make sure that the person you give this gift to never has a boring breakfast thanks to personalized toasts. One of the best things about this gift, however, is that it is a very considerate gift and shows the other person that you really care for him or her. You will hardly come by a sweeter gift than this toaster. 

Hopefully, these suggestions would have been helpful in deciding a 30th birthday gift to give to someone you care about. For more great ideas, browse through the great products available at

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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