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Why use a party planning checklist?

Why use a party planning checklist?
Why use a party planning checklist?
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Everyone likes a celebration but, often, they do not realize all the planning that goes into it.  For those who are not familiar with the steps required to pull off a successful event, below you will find the most important elements contained in a party planning checklist.  These items will assist in helping to ensure the event is the hit of the season.


You will find that checklists make things go very smoothly and remove the worry of doing or having the right things on hand.  Parties should be fun for the planner as well as the guests.  It should reflect your feelings of being happy to entertain the guests and should be self-rewarding as well.


There are certain issues that must be addressed in order to have a successful celebration.  The four major topics are:


1.                   How much money is available to spend on the party

2.                  The decorations, entertainment, and general party theme

3.                  Invitations, guest list, seating arrangements, and RSVP

4.                  What and how much food and beverages to be served by a caterer or yourself


First: The budget is the first priority in event planning.  Allowing a certain amount for each category and keeping careful accounting of what is spent will keep you within the budgetary constraints you have set for yourself.  By using this method it will be possible to quickly determine if you are overspending on certain items. This will allow plenty of time for adjustments of expenditures as well as allow the exploration of alternatives that may need to be considered.


Second: The theme of the event.  Whether it is a holiday such as Christmas, graduation, or any other special occasion or event designed to mark an established occasion, it is easier to plan if one has a theme in mind.  This is one of the first steps found on any planning checklist.  While some parties are traditional in nature, such as a birthday, themes can vary regardless of the occasion celebrated.  This provides many alternatives, some of which can save financially in the end.


Third:  Making a potential list of guests and planning invitations is important.  Once the guests have been chosen and invitations sent it is important to keep a list of those who plan to attend.  This will determine how much food to prepare and the options for drinks which will need to be purchased.  If there is no response, a follow up should be done to see if those invited received their invitations and if they are going to attend.


Fourth: The choice of food and beverages depends on several things.  Sometimes the theme or reason for the party may determine what is to be served.  Most parties have cakes, but birthdays will require different elements than weddings or receptions which frequently have formal dinners which are often catered.  A specialty celebration, such as a Hawaiian luau, would require things identified as unique to a tropical isle in the way of food and beverages. 


A successful party requires planning and the best way to go about achieving this is with a event planning checklist.  This will take all the guessing out of how to create a very successful day/night.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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