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How to throw a Cocktail Party

How to throw a Cocktail Party
How to throw a Cocktail Party
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  How to throw a Cocktail Party..

 Hosting a cocktail party is an excellent way to have some fun with your friends.

One of the exciting elements of hosting a cocktail party is that
you can experimnet with lots of differnt varieties of foods.

Generally people these days only eat small finger food items so
if there is a taste they do not like there is allways plenty
of other small finger food tastes they can try.

Obviously one of the most important parts of any cocktail event
is the cocktails themselves. Some of the most popular cocktail drinks
today on the cocktail party circuit are still the Cosmopolitan and
the Apple Martini.

When it comes to champagne,there is a lot of great bottles that have
beautiful mixes to complement them such as Rasberry crush and
Mango and passionfruit.

Maybe you have hosted heaps of cocktail parties or maybe this is your first
time. Either way here are some great tips to make sure your event is
a success.

1 - Make sure you have enough different styles of glasses to be able to
    serve all the different type of cocktails you will be wanting to serve.
    glasses such as Martini Glasses,wine glasses,Highball glasses and
    tumblers with all come in handy..

  ** A good rule of thumb is to always have twice the amount of glasses available
     than your number of guests..

2- ICE! ICE and more Ice!..  This is one item you will easily run out of and
   is essential at a cocktail party. Buy in bulk to save and store in a few eskies.

3- If you are only serving wine, a good idea is to average 1.5 bottles per person and
   to have a mix of white and red. While white is more popular red is quicky becoming
   more popular at such events.

4- If you have no idea about the basic stock for a bar you will want to stock up on a few
   bottles each of, whisky,Vodka,white and dark rum,bourban,tequila,vermouth and gin.

5- Also dont forget about the mixers!! You will more than likely need - Orange juice,Soda
   Tonic,ginger ale,cola,lemonade,Tomato juice,Tabasco,lemons and limes


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Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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