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How to dress at a cocktail party event

How to dress at a cocktail party event
How to dress at a cocktail party event
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Need some ideas for how to dress at a cocktail party?


Step 1 - Check the invitation. The invitation should have the phone number and email of the hostess as well as information about the venue and expected attire. If the invitation does not have information about attire for the evening, call the hostess to find out if it is formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, etc. This will make a difference in the type of clothing that will be appropriate.


Step 2 - Choose the dress. Conservative and formal parties are coupled with dresses that are just above the ankles. More informal parties allow a person to wear lengths that may vary from mini to just above the ankle. If you are uncertain, wearing a longer dress will keep you from being out-of-place at a formal affair.


Step 3 - Choosing fabric. Select your dress fabric based on the season and the location of the party. While wool and wool-blends may be perfect for a winter party, this will be very uncomfortable in an enclosed room that is very warm. If you are unsure of what weight of fabric to wear, visit the location before the event to determine the air quality.


Step 4 - Formal, after-work parties are often held in more conservative venues and many people will wear business attire to these parties. It is important to have at least one suit that has been designed for these types of occasions that you do not wear to work. These parties will require more conservative dress and strappy sandals will be out-of-place in this setting.


Step 5 - Informal, casual after-work gatherings are sometimes difficult to dress for because they occur right after work and you may not have time to change clothes. Therefore, keeping a pair of dress shoes and jewellry in your office drawer will allow you to dress up your work attire for the party.


Step 6 - Informal weekend parties often allow for a more flexible attire. Chiffon, or light weight knits that provide the draping and flow that enhances your body type are great choices. These flirty ensembles can be topped with a velvet wrap to move smoothly to colder evening parties.


Step 7 - Accessories. Make sure that your accessories accentuate your outfit. At conservative parties, dangling earrings and bangles are not appropriate. However, at more informal affairs, these will dress up your outfit and give you the whimsy you want. Make sure that you jewellry choices match your handbag and shoes so that your ensemble looks complete and well thought-out.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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