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Cocktail Party Decorations

Cocktail Party Decorations
Cocktail Party Decorations
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The following are some great cocktail party decorations that will make your cocktail party the talk of the town:

Cocktail Fountain

A cocktail party needs a constant supply of drinks and the Cocktail Fountain is something that does just that while looking tremendously beautiful. This is perhaps the best thing about the Cocktail Fountain; it makes things extremely convenient while looking stunning. This cocktail fountain is powered by an electrical motor, ensuring a constant flow of liquid over the sides of each tier and creating a beautiful, streaming waterfall-like effect. Drinking cups are included and which make it easy for all your guests to serve themselves. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic and cut to look just like real glass, your party fountain is sturdy, quality made, and dishwasher safe (cups and removable plastic pieces).

As part of your cocktail party decorations, simply place the cocktail fountain on your party table and fill it up with a nice cocktail for all your guests to enjoy. You can also add food colouring to the drink you fill the fountain up with if you want the fountain to look even better.

Giant Martini Vase

Since a cocktail party is all about drinks, you need to find cocktail party decorations that are in one way or another related to drinks. The Giant Martini Vase is, thus, exactly the kind of cocktail party decoration you need. The Giant Martini Vase is a giant martini glass and is meant to be used as a table decoration. You can simply place this rather simplistically elegant vase on your table on its own or you can make a few additions to it according to your personal preferences. As an example, you can place a mirror base underneath the Giant Martini Vase and put beautiful water crystals inside the vase.

Flashing Martini Cocktail Glass

Any decoration that gives a party a unique feel is great and should certainly be displayed. The Flashing Martini  Cocktail Glass definitely fits the bill and more. It is not only a very attractive object that glows and changes colours, but is also a fully functioning martini cocktail glass. These LED glasses can not only brighten up the atmosphere at your cocktail party but can also make having drinks enjoyable for the guests, thus making it the perfect example of cocktail party decorations. There are other such beautiful glasses available at Party Supplies Now, the online party supplies store, so get the ones you like if you want the best cocktail party decorations.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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