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How to make a fairy floss cocktail

How to make a fairy floss cocktail
How to make a fairy floss cocktail
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Fairy floss is a great treat and this cocktail is a great refreshing way to enjoy the lovely taste of a cocktail with your favourite flavour of fairy floss.

What you will need : 

40ml of Grey Goose vodka ( optional )
70ml cranberry juice
Half stick of boysenberry fairy floss ( or any other flavour you prefer ) 

How to prepare :

1) Prepare the fairy floss and place it into your martini glass
2) Add the Grey goose vodka with the cranberry juice into a shaker.
3) Add some cubed ice and then shake until the shaker becomes cold to touch and
you notice a slight frost on the outside
4) Once cold slowly strain the mix over your fairy floss in the martini glass.

You can purchase fairy floss machines here..

We recommend a flashing martini glass for your cocktail. and also try serving this cocktail with some macaron's using our Macaron making kit


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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