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Crushed candy cane cocktail

Crushed candy cane cocktail
Crushed candy cane cocktail
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What you will need : 

For the infusion:
1 Bottle Grey goose vodka
2 cups of mint leaves (remove stems)

For the cocktail:
1 tablespoon of crushed candy cane
40 grams of crushed candy cane
15ml of benedictine and brandy
15ml light cream
peppermint stick
mint sprig for garnish

What to do for the infusion: 

Wash your mint leaves and then place them in a decanter. Pour the greygoods into a container and then muddle to release
the oils. Store the mix in a cool and dark place for about 4 days.

What to do to prepare the cocktail:

Put your 40 grams of candy cane into a 500ml glass. Muddle it slightly so as to break up the bigger pieces but not to much that it turns into a powder. Add your grey goose, brandy and light cream and then stir the miture. Pour this into a shaker with your ice. Begin to shake to chill and then strain into and old fashioned glass full of ice. Add your peppermint stick and then garnish with your mint.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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