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Spicy Kiwi Fruit Vodka Cocktail

Spicy Kiwi Fruit Vodka Cocktail
Spicy Kiwi Fruit Vodka Cocktail
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Spicy Vodka Cocktail

What you will need: 

Around 8 Kiwi’s
2 Jalapeno peppers 
320 millilitres of Coconut Water
260 millilitres of Vodka
Candied Kiwi
Sugar as desired

How to make a Spicy Kiwi Fruit Vodka Cocktail:

1. In a blender add peeled and seeded peppers along with the coconut water.
2. In a grinder crush the candied kiwi with the sugar to a powder.
3. Take a shaker and fill it with ice 40 millilitres of vodka and 130 millilitres of the kiwi mixture and shake well.
4. Wet the rim of the glass with water and cover with the candied kiwi and sugar powder.
5. Add the drink to the glass and garnish with ice and jalapeño.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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