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How to hire a party photographer

How to hire a party photographer
How to hire a party photographer
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Some Ways To Hire A Photographer


When something special occurs, such as a wedding, it is important that it be recorded to be viewed and enjoyed at a later date.  Having a professional photographer do the job will assure one of proofs, prints, matting and albums.  These events only occur once in a lifetime and having a permanent memory of the occasion will be enjoyed for years. Here are the steps to follow to get the best photographer.


1 - Photographers are very busy people so it is important to start interviewing them as soon as a date is set.


2 - Having a photographer who specializes in the type of event one is having, such as weddings, is essential if one is to have satisfactory results.  Requiring references is a must and should be checked.  A list of vendors may be obtained from the place where the event is to be held or one could check the yellow pages.


3 - Good wedding pictures are something that lasts for generations and need    to be a good representation of everything that goes on.  A professional wedding photographer will have a wedding book, showing pictures previously taken.  One can see at a glance if everyone looks natural and not stiffly posed.


4 - Sometimes one will get the sense, when talking to someone such as a photographer, that they have their own mind set and will not listen to suggestions or desires.  Such a person should not be employed as it will only lead to unpleasant problems at the event.


5 - At an important event one wants a photographer who will blend in and take pictures without disrupting the procedure.  A good professional will do this.  In addition you want them to dress appropriately for the occasion.


6 - Black and white prints take different cameras than those that take colored prints or have things such as sepia tones.  Letting the photographer know this will enable him to have the proper equipment.


7 - The digital prints, CD's and other possibilities make it possible to have outstanding prints and even proof them online.  Asking if there are such things as paper proofs or contact sheets is also important.


8 - If a time line is set as to how soon to expect proofs it puts things into perspective regarding their arrival.  It is also important to determine pricing on reprints, enlargements, large orders as well as if they can be ordered on line.


9 - A contract can be a complicated thing.  However, all the terms regarding prices, deposit, cancellation and refund policies should be clearly stated and easy to read.


10 - Things can sometimes be forgotten or other events occur that interrupt the best of plans.  For that reason, it is essential to get in touch with the photographer a few weeks before the event, making confirmation and providing him with a list of the ones who must be photographed.



Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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