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How to organize a company team building activity

How to organize a company team building activity
How to organize a company team building activity
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A company team-building event is one of the many activities that most companies try to do on a regular basis as this has proven to give measurable benefits to the people and to the entire organization as a whole. 
So to organize your company’s team building activity, here are some ideas that might be of great help:
1. Plan for a suitable duration of the activity
There are team building activities which are done just for a day, there are some who prefers doing it on a 2 or 3-day session. The duration of the activity may be dependent on the number of participants and the place or venue of the activity.
If there are 20 plus or more people who will be joining the team-building activity, then a longer duration might be necessary. In the same manner, if the venue would be several hours drive from the place of work, then a 2 or even 3 day teambuilding session may be needed. 
Advantage of a shorter or a 1 day team building is that there will be lesser expenses that the company will have to pay for. There will be no need to book accommodation for the participants. On the other hand, some advantage of a longer duration team building is that the participants will sure to have more bonding time with each members – and that is exactly the essence of team building, to enhance rapport and develop camaraderie and tighten team effort of each and every member of the team.
2. Conceptualize fun and a meaningful program 
The most important part of planning and organizing for team building is conceptualizing activities for the event itself. What activities would suit the participants? What tasks can the participants do that will reinforce the overall concept of teambuilding? 
Some of the most usual team building games are:
a. Trust fall – one participant will be tasked to have a blind fold and from top of a stair, a stage or a chair, he/she will be asked to fall… just let his/her body fall. The goal is to trust that his/her team will be there to catch him/her.
b. Classification game – the participants will be divided into groups. Once grouped, each member of the group will be asked to classify or stereotype someone. It will be like what is his first impression of his teammates? After each has stereotyped all the members, the facilitator will then explain the negative effect of stereotyping people. Then at the to the activity, all groups will be asked to classify their team or to give a name for their team, a name which can be according to each member’s strengths, skills and/or common interests of the group.
c. Create your own team building activity – this is another team effort wherein each group will be asked to create or conceptualize a new problem-solving exercise that no one in the group has done before. So this activity will highlight problem-solving skills of the group, as well as fortify their creativity, team effort, communication and even time management. 
It is indeed fun and fulfilling to plan and organize corporate team building activity. The key is understanding the real essence of team building and how it works. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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