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How much food to buy for a party

how much food to buy for a party
how much food to buy for a party
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How Much Food To Buy For A Party

Planning a party can be quite hectic and nerve wracking. Issues like how many napkins to purchase or how much ice should you get can usually drive a person insane. There are so many decisions to make and often enough you have a budget constraint to keep in mind. So what should you do when you want to throw an amazing party but do not want to ruin your budget?

Simple, you go through each and every detail and see if you have gt the right quantities. Decorations and other party supplies are easily quantifiable as compared to buying the right quantity of food. Getting the right proportions of food are very important. You do not want to get too much food which will go to waste, nor do you want too little food. A good way to check the adequate quantities of food is by using out food servings calculator. This will allow you to find how much food you will require or at least give you a close approximate of how much food you will need. The party food calculator uses the number of guests which are supposed to attend your party and gives you a close estimate of how much food you will need to purchase.

Buying and deciding on refreshments is considered to be one of the hardest things in planning a party. There is no room for error because if you end up buying too much food, you would be wasting your money and if you buy too little then that would make a very bad impression on the guests. Food running out in the middle of the party is never a good thing and can lead to a lot of embarrassment for the host.

You need to start planning your party around six weeks before time so that you have taken care of every last minute detail from decoration to entertainment to food. You need to have ample time to browse and look for things that you want. You may be thinking that six weeks is way too early but if you start looking for stuff beforehand you will know exactly how much money you would need and as a result you would be able to save some extra cash. Other than your budget, you need to start the planning early so that you can look at different varieties of food and try different combinations.

The trickiest part of a party is the refreshments. The safest way is to try a party calculator and then go along with the estimates given.  There are three main things that you need to consider when trying to find out how much food to buy for your party. The first is the amount of beverages, then you have appetizers and lastly, you have the main course. Dessert is completely up to you, if you want to have a dessert for your guests then that is another extra thing you need to consider when calculating your budget. Drinks are quite complicated and you need to keep the fact in mind that most people like having a wide variety of drinks at a party.

Having coffee at your party can be a good idea, one that will never let you down. Other things that make a party all the more exciting for your guests are cocktails or punch. Having these beverages at your party will make your party much more successful if you plan on having a dance party you will definitely don’t want to keep your guests thirsty.

Before you make your final decision on how much food to purchase, looking at the recipe of the dishes you are planning on making can prove to be a good idea. However, if you are planning on getting food ordered from outside then you can easily skip this step.

 On the other hand, if you plan to make dishes yourself then it is crucial that you know the recipe and have an idea of how to cook them. An excellent tip for those who plan on making the food for their party themselves is that they try out the recipe a week before and see how it tastes like and how many people it can serve.

This way you will know how good the dish actually is and if it is even worth serving at your party. Another benefit of this would be that you would not have a rough estimate of how much to increase the ingredients by to serve your guests at the party.

On a last note, remember to start shopping at least a week before for any food items. Non-perishable items such as beverages can easily be purchased a week ago this will allow you to avoid the hassle of getting all the supplies at the last moment. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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