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Colourful Jelly Shots

Colourful Jelly Shots
Colourful Jelly Shots
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What you'll need:

1 3/4 cups of prepared lemonade

4 packets of plain gelatine

1 1/4 cups cake flavoured vodka or whipped cream flavoured vodka if possible

2 table spoons of condensed milk which is sweetened (to taste)

6 bowls so that you can create

6 different colours or as many as you want

Food colouring (in liquid form)

Frosting or sprinkles (used for garnishing)

Silicone mini muffin pan which is flexible

How to prepare the jelly shots:

1. Pour the prepared lemonade into a pan and add sachet of gelatine to the mixture and allow it to get soaked. 

2. Now heat the mixture over a low fire and stir constantly until gelatine dissolves.

3. After 5 minutes remove from heat and stir in the vodka and condensed milk. 

4. Pour in 1/2 a cup of this mixture in to the spate bowl and mix in the different food colouring in to the bowls individually.

5. Now spray on some cooking oil to the muffin tray.

6. Spoon in 3/4 teaspoon of the first colour you want and then leave it to set for 20 minutes. After that continue with the other desired colours.

7. Refrigerate these jelly shots over night so that all the layers bond.

8. When the time comes to serve these jelly shots start by loosening the edges of the muffin tray and try to pop out the jelly shots.

9. To make these shots look even more amazing you can garnish with frosting or sprinkles.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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