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Striped m&m Filled Sugar Cookies

Striped m&m Filled Sugar Cookies
Striped m&m Filled Sugar Cookies
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What you will need:

3 packs of Sugar Cookie dough

Red and blue liquid food colour (or any colour you want to use)

¾ cup of flour

White frosting

Red and blue coloured m&m’s (or any colour you want to use)

How to make m&m filled sugar cookies:

1. Open up the cookie dough packet and start kneading and add in the food colouring till you achieve the desired colour.

2. Now in a bowl add ¼ of a cup of flour and the dough and mix well with your hands. So this for all the desired colours you plan to have for your cookies.

3. Separate all the coloured dough in to equal parts and start to layer them by placing them in a plastic wrap lined loaf pan.

4. Pat on each of the layer until the pan is filled and repeat if there is any dough remaining.

5. Cover tightly and freeze overnight.

6. Now you will need to preheat your oven to about 350 degrees.

7.  Remove the dough your stored in the freezer overnight and unwrap.

8. Cut ¼ inch wide slices of the dough and bake them on a parchment paper for about 14 minutes.

9. After removing the baked slices from the oven using a star shaped cookie cutter cut out your stars. (You will be needing two side pieces and one middle piece for each cookie)

10. Now using the frosting you will be assembling the cookies.

11. First dot some icing on the middle piece and attach it to one of the side pieces and add a teaspoon of mini m&ms tot eh centre and again dote some frosting on to another side piece and cover your cookies.

12. Let cookies harden for about 30 minutes before serving. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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