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Blackberry Cosmopolitan Shots

Blackberry Cosmopolitan Shots
Blackberry Cosmopolitan Shots
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 What you will need:

A cup of white cranberry juice

¾ of a cup of blackberry brandy

1/8th of a cup of limeade concentrate

1/8th of a cup of water

1/4th of a cup of Cointreau

2 packs of knox gelatine

A drop of purple liquid food colouring

Lime zest for garnish

How to make blackberry cosmopolitan shots:

1. Pour in your juices into a saucepan and add in the gelatine.

2. Before proceeding let the gelatine soak for a minute.

3. Now put this pan on a low heat and constantly stir until the gelatine is fully dissolved.

4. Remove from heat.

5. Now stir in the liquor and food colouring and mix.

6. Now pout in to your desired pan and chill overnight.

7. Garnish with lime zest and serve!




Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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