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Retro Jelly Shots

Retro Jelly Shots
Retro Jelly Shots
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What you will need: 

(For the coloured blocks)

2 cups water

2 packets of gelatine

Two packs of flavoured gelatine dessert (pineapple and lime)

Black liquid food colour

2 cups of cold vodka

(For the white gelatine)

2 cups of water

2.5 packs of plain gelatine

Half a cup sweetened condensed milk

How to make Trendy retro jelly shots:

1. You will start off with making the coloured blocks by taking a saucepan and pouring in the gelatine  and letting it soak for 2 minutes and then heating it on a low heat till mixture is dissolved.

2. Now pour this gelatine mixture in two separate bowls and add in the flavoured gelatine powder and stir till dissolved.

3. Let this mixture cool down a bit and stir in the liquor.

4. Pour these in to two separate pans and let set over night.

5. Now for the white creamy gelatine take a saucepan and add water and gelatine and make this mixture as you did before. But now you will also add in the condensed milk and stir.

6. Set aside to cool.

7. Once your flavoured gelatine has set you should cut them out in to small blocks.

8. Mix the two colours of gelatine blocks together and wait till the creamy mixture has cool down.

9. Spread the blocks on a pan evenly and pour the creamy mixture on top of the blocks.

10. Chill overnight.

11. Cut out square pieces and serve. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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