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Halloween Brownies

Halloween Brownies
Halloween Brownies
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What You Need For The Brownies

1 box of Brownie Mix with a chocolate syrup pouch

Vegetable oil, eggs, and water as directed by the directions mentioned on the box

For The Decorations

1 box of  Creamy White Frosting

 black decorating food gel in a 0.68 oz. tube

1 roll of Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups chewy fruit snacks in red

Pink, blue and neon green food colours

Miniature candy-coated chocolate baking bits

24 large marshmallows

Gummy Worms

How To Prepare

Set the oven to 180 degrees and make the brownies in a 13 by 9 inch pan by following the directions mentioned on the brownie mix box. You will need the vegetable oil, eggs and water to do this.

Once baked, let the brownies cool down for 2 hours. Once cooled cut the brownies into 6 rows and 4 columns to end up with 24 brownies.

Separate the frosting into 3 bowls. Heat each bowl in a microwave while uncovered and under high heat for 10 to 15 seconds. Heat till the frosting can be stirred smooth. If the frosting gets stiff later then heat for around 5 seconds again.

To Make Frankenstein Brownies

Add 5 drops of green food colour in one of the bowls containing the frosting. Mix the contents of bowl well to get green frosting.

Separate 8 brownies and place a marshmallow on top of each one of the brownies.

Using a tablespoon, coat each marshmallow with the green frosting.

Using green baking bits, make eyes and ears on the marshmallows and use chewy fruit snacks from the Fruit Roll Ups to make red hair by cutting them.

Finally use the decorating gel to make the mouth and center of the eyes.

To Make Spidey Brownies

Add 3 drops of blue food colour and 5 drops of pink food colour in one of the remaining bowls with the frosting and mix well. The resultant frosting will be purple.

Once again top 8 brownies with a marshmallow and push in 8 gummy worms to form the legs of the spider.

Using a tablespoon, coat each one of the marshmallows with the purple frosting.

Lastly, stick orange baking bits to make eyes and use the decorating gel to make the center on each eye and a smiling mouth.

To Make Ghost Brownies

For the last time, put a marshmallow on each of the last 8 brownies and coat them with white frosting using a tablespoon.

Use the decorating gel to make the eyes and the mouth.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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