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How to serve the ideal menu for your wedding

How to serve the ideal menu for your wedding
How to serve the ideal menu for your wedding
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How to serve the best menu for your wedding?

Granted that you have a budget to work on to for your wedding, but your budget is not the only consideration when planning for a menu for your big day. Below are the top 5 things you need to think of when looking at a possible menu for your wedding:
5. Food preference. Are you a vegetarian, a meat-lover, a pescetarian (those who eat vegetables and fruits and sea foods as meat) or do you just eat anything? You should always consider you and your partner’s food preference first before thinking that of your guests. Think of how awkward it would be if all your guests are happily eating when you or your partner cannot even eat what’s being served.  
4. Your wedding theme. Your menu should adjust with the theme you have set for your wedding. For example, you have envisioned for an Italian-inspired wedding, then your menu must include pasta, pizzas and red wine. Asian-inspired weddings will have the presence of noodles, rice, dumplings and/or curry. Beach weddings can have mostly sea foods and some mojito as part of the menu. Country weddings normally have steaks, sausages, chips and beers on their menu. 
3. Seasons. Foods and/or recipe availability for your menu will be dependent to the type of season the wedding is set to be held. For example, if you are into fruits then summer weddings will definitely have watermelons, pineapples, kiwi fruits etc. If your wedding is set during the winter, then it is best to have soups, some servings of hot or spicy foods and the likes.       
2. Time of the wedding. There are weddings set for the morning, in the afternoon, specifically, at 2 or 3 pm or during the evening. With these variation on the wedding time, comes difference in menu as well. Evening weddings require or normally have heavier menu (complete with entrée, soup, main dish and then desert) than the morning weddings. Weddings that are or will be done in the afternoon usually offer snack-type of menus.
1. Budget. Yes your financial resources will always be the foremost consideration for your menu. If you have no limitation over your budget, then you can have as many dishes as you like, serving all kinds of preferences (vegetarian, pescetarian, etc.) and however hard or limited the recipes can be. Your goal will just be to ensure that yours and your guests’ appetite will be greatly satisfied.  

However, if you have certain limitations, then you may need to consider those things mentioned before and not forgetting the amount that you can spend for your menu.Remember, your menu is just one among the many other aspects that you have to plan on to for your special day, but this is one with the most special considerations as it will involve your entire guests.  Your wedding may be for you and your loved one, but you cannot help but think of the people – your families and friends – who will be there to witness this memorable event and celebrate with you. They will be there to cheer for you, cry with you and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Serving them the most apt menu is the best favour you can do for them.    

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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