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How to bake your childs birthday cake

How to bake your childs birthday cake
How to bake your childs birthday cake
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Looking for tips to bake your childrens birthday cake? Here are a few things to remeber..

There are thousands of recipes or baking instructions available in the Internet or in women’s magazine, However, following a recipe is not the only task involved when trying to make a birthday cake, much more if it is for your child’ birthday party. There are many other factors that you have to consider and these are:
1. Flavour of the cake
Most birthday cakes are chocolate flavoured. However, other traditional and most-requested cake flavours are strawberry, black forest, pineapple and butter scotch. 
For the non-conventional ones, the most-liked cake flavours are tiramisu, cheesecake, carrot cake and almonds. If you are intending to have several layers of cake, you can try having different flavour on every layer. 
The flavour of the cake may also be dependent to how the moms would like to have it…some would prefer having healthy and yummy cake, hence the choice of carrot, banana, pineapple or cheesecake.Some would be focusing on what kids loves, hence the usual choice of chocolate cake and/or black forest.
2. Shape of the cake
Usual shape is either round, square of rectangular. But there are also irregularly shaped baking dish available in the market, so you can choose other non-traditional shapes such as number shape (which of course will vary according to the age of your kid), Mickey Mouse head shape, star-shaped and for little girls, there are Barbie shaped cakes.
Thus, to start making your kid’s birthday cake, it is highly suggested to go to the nearest supermarket and look for a cute baking dish that would suit your preference for the shape. 
3. Toppings or design of the cake
Most kids would love having their birthday cakes design with their favourite hero, action figures or cartoon characters.  However, other option is getting your kid’s picture and have it printed in an edible paper and put it on top of the cake. You can also have flowers, fresh flowers at that, as design or toppings for the cake. Fresh fruits are also becoming a trend nowadays. 
Animal shaped toppings are also among the top ten list of toppings or design for kids’ birthday cake.Some cakes also have mini cakes or cupcakes around it also using the design or toppings like that of the main cake.
4. Colour of the cake
If the design of the cake will not affect its colour, then you will have to think of what colour suits your kid’s party the most. Usual options are blue for little boys and pink for little girls. But you may also opt to have green or red for boys and orange or yellow for girls or even a combination of various colours. Cakes are indeed one of the highlights of kids’ birthday parties. The birthday boy or girl will be beaming with pride and happiness once his/her friends/guests start singing the happy birthday song followed by the blowing of the candles. All kids will be excited to have their first bite of the cake.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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