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The secret behind sizzlers cheese bread

The secret behind sizzlers cheese bread
The secret behind sizzlers cheese bread
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So Sizzler is closing down....

WHILE everybody ( Well maybe some people ) grieve the approaching demise of Sizzler, we have some uplifting news. The formula for Sizzler's popular cheddar toast has been uncovered. 

Recently, Sizzler proprietor Collins Foods uncovered it would close various the battling eateries after the brand prompted a multi-million dollar misfortune for the year. 

The organization said it now views Sizzler as "non-center" to its key development, and would nearly screen the remaining eateries "with suitable move made as and when essential". 

It's not gone yet, but rather the composition is on the divider for the once-mainstream chain. Numerous perusers had only one wish: "Before you go, leave the cheddar bread formula." 

Here it is, thanks to some Sizzler Staff who have revealed how it's made..

What you will need

• Butter or margarine 

• Kraft Parmesan Cheese 

• Thick white bread 

STEPS to make the bread

• In a dish, blend equivalent amounts of butter or margarine with the parmesan cheddar to make it into a paste. 

• Spread the mix on one side of the bread. 

• Fry the bread paste side down more than a medium warmth until a nice golden colour while resting a level plate or top on top so the bread steams. 

• Eat the bread and remember the good old days...

The pleasure is all ours..  Enjoy!

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Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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