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How to decorate an under the sea themed occasion

how to decorate an under the sea themed occasion
how to decorate an under the sea themed occasion
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 As far as parties are concerned, the more unique the theme of the party, the more fun it is. If you are looking for an exciting and unique theme for your party, then you can try an under the sea theme.. There are plenty of things that you can use to make such an event work; there is a wide variety of great products in our store that are perfect for this style theme. 

One of the most important features of an under the sea party is the lighting. Lighting is essential to create an under the sea ambience. You can use lighting effects to give your event area a very sea-like feeling. 

We stock a few interesting lighting products that can help with this effect.

The Ocean Projector Pod is an excellent lighting product .This product produces an amazing ocean-like ripple effect on a wall or on a ceiling and will give the room an ‘under the ocean’ look. This product also has an input port so you can plug your ipod in and play your favourite songs while the guests enjoy the feeling of being ‘under the sea’. Place this product in the main event area or where you intend to lounge with the guests. The lighting effect created by this product is also perfect for decorating the dance floor.

Under the sea party events are one of the most popular themed events this year..

Another lighting decoration that is perfect  is the Go Anywhere Light Show. This product, as the name suggests, can be put anywhere in the room to create a beautiful lighting effect. You can even float this light on your swimming pool, in case you have one, to make the pool look magnificent and sea-like. This decoration light can also be used inside the party area; its legs can be positioned to move the light anywhere. Therefore, you can use the Go Anywhere Light Show to illuminate the ceiling or the walls, or anywhere else you think suitable. 

Although the lights are an important part of decorations as far as an under the sea themed event is concerned, you need to add a few more touches to your celebration if you really want it to be remembered.. The Flying Shark is exactly what you need to give authenticity to your under the water. The Flying Shark is amazingly life-like and will actually look as terrifying as a real white shark as it swims through the air and around your guests. All you have to do is to fill the Shark up with helium and using the controller that comes along with this gadget, you can control every movement of the Flying Shark; you can use the controller to turn the flying shark around 360 degrees and make it move up and down as well. Imagine the Flying Shark swimming in the air around everyone as the Ocean Projector Light adds an ocean-like ripple light effect.

Crockery is an important part at any celebration, and a under the sea themed party is no different. You can use flashing drinkware to further accentuate your under the water theme. The Flashing Margarita Glass is perfect; it will give the drinks table an ocean-like feel and will look really good on the drinks table. You can find other such glowing drinkware in our store that will fit your needs also.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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