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Mexican Fiesta Party Decorating

Mexican Fiesta Party Decorating
Mexican Fiesta Party Decorating
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Mexican fiesta theme parties are easy to host and can be extremely fun for all ages. Mexican themed parties are often planned out to be full of drinking and loads of partying. For a Mexican themed fiesta party the decorations you use should be bright with vivid colors. Mexicans are know for there amazing fiestas so if your planning to throw such a party you should be well prepared with regards to the supplies you will need. We have many decorations you can use to set the mood for your amazing Mexican fiesta we will also be giving you some advice on how to use these decorations properly. So lets get started.

Since your hosting a Mexican fiesta you will need a banner that actually states that to people so that no one is confused about the theme. So getting the Mexican fiesta banner will be a great start for your list of supplies. This banner is 1.7m and will give your party the kind of ambiance you are looking for. You can place this ad in the front of your entrance to great all your guests who are coming to attend your party.

To further set the mood of an authentic Mexican fiesta you’ll need to buy a few of our assorted Mexican fiesta cutouts.  These four cut outs can be used to set the mood for your Mexican fiesta you can use them anywhere in the venue all you have to do is stick them to the side of a wall. If your fiesta is out doors then you can attach your cut outs to a hedge or support it next to a tree. The cut outs will definitely liven up the party and make it feel like an actual Mexican Fiesta.

To make the party feel more festive and colorful you could use our colorful fiesta balloons to decorate the venue. These balloons come in a pack of 25 and have assorted colored balloons. The balloons have “fiesta” written on them in a very fun way with a martin glass next to it along with a Mexican sombrero hat. You can use these balloons all over the venue to give it some color. If your venue is in the outdoors then you can even let the balloons loose on the floor and stick then in to place along hedges etc.

To give your party that original Mexican feel you can buy some inflatable cactuses and use them all over your party venue. These will surly make all of your guests feel like they have entered a true Mexican fiesta and will be a point of conversation. These inflatable cactuses are 86cm high and can be easily pumped up with air if you have an air pump. However, even if you don’t own an air pump these cactuses can be filled up with air conventionally as well.

What Mexican themed party would be complete with out a sombrero hat? The answer is simple no Mexican fiesta would be complete without one.  It is tradition for Mexicans to party while dancing around a sombrero hat to very festive music. So in order to stay true to the theme of your party you could purchase a sombrero hat and use it to dance around while traditional Mexican music is played in the background. This sombrero hat is made just as a traditional sombrero hat in Mexico would be so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the hat. All your guests will surely have a blast dancing around this green and golden shaded hat all day long.

To make your party even more interesting you might want to use one of our best selling novelties called the fake moustaches. You and all your friends can easily transform their with this 6 piece collection of Stylish Mustaches. Made from life-like synthetic hair and backed with adhesive tape, these little lip-rugs can dramatically change your image. You can all have a blast while wearing these moustaches and acting like real Mexicans. Even women can join in the fun just for laughs. Be sure to take loads of pictures, as these will be the most amazing memories of your life with your closest friends.

Before you even get started on planning a Mexican themed party you should make a clear list of all the supplies you will need. Once you have gone through the list thoroughly you need to order these supplies at least three weeks in advance so that you don’t have any last minute hiccups. If you follow this simple step then you will surely have a stress free party.  

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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