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Decorative items for your 70s celebration

Decorative items for your 70s celebration
Decorative items for your 70s celebration
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The seventies is the decade that is best known for partying with all night under amazing flashing disco lights and a shiny disco ball. Bringing back the funky disco music of the 70s, wearing platform shoes and polyester pantsuits will be the best way to have a party. As the people in the 70s party would say the party would be "Dy-No-Mite”. With the appropriate attires, music, decorations and lightings your '70s party will be so amazing and enjoyable that all your guests will be talking about it for years. You can embody the essence of the decade of the 1970s by decorating your house in all things that were big hit back in the 70s.

To have the best 70s themed party you need to focus on the decorations you use at the party. To begin with you could use disco dancers scene setters which are basically 2 x 94cm x 156cm cut outs that can be used to liven your 70s themed party. This decoration features two giant disco dancers one male and one female. You can attach decorations such as these on the main entrance to your party’s venue or you could even use them at the venue itself.

Other decorations you can use are double disco light ball’s which will provide your venue with that “cool” colorful disco ambience.  Get you party started with the help of this cool party light effect. These disco lights are different from other disco lights because they have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and emit an array of beautiful colors. You can rock out on your very own dance floor with this amazing devise. This double disco light comes with an AC adaptor and an easy to use on and off switch so it is incredibly easy to use even for a person who is not used to a lot of technology.

Since your party is a 70s theme party it would not be comple without a mirror ball above the dance floor. For this purpose you can use a party mirror ball and light at your party to bring the true essence of the 70s dance floor back to life.

This Vibes 8'' Mirror Ball with Spot Light has a compact Mirror Ball Set, with SAA adapter which can be used with a powerful spotlight complete with bulb & changeable color lenses. This will create the burst of revolving colors that an authentic 70s party would have. This machine is operated with an AC Adapter and can be hanged on the ceiling with relative ease using a hanger which is 12.5 x 7 x 7cm. The Mirror ball moves due to a battery motor as well.

If you have a pool at your venue then you can use our disco pool lights. With this device you can turn your pool into an underwater disco and create a magical atmosphere that will amaze your guests. This gorgeous waterproof disco ball can float on top of any pool and create a breathtaking light show that is unlike any other water effect you'll find. It features five different speed settings from fast to slow and shuts off automatically. This amazing device only requires only 3 AAA batteries. It is best to use these lights at night to give the pool a real 70s disco effect.

Since it’s a groovy 70s party you will need to serve lots of drinks. To give your drinks a 70s party look you might want to use our flashing ice cubes. These flashing ice cubes come in a pack of 3 and each one of the cubes can flash in 6 different color. To change the colors of the ice cube all you have to do is simply press and release the button on the cube. The batteries are included with this product. Flashing ice cubes are safe to use in your drinks and they are completely waterproof.

With all the ideas we have given you can clearly see that hosting a 70s themed party is not that hard at all. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your groovy 70s themed party today. To make sure your party is planned smoothly order all your supplies before hand to avoid any hiccups. With this party you will be able to celebrate the age of the dancing queens, disco balls and platform shoes by transforming your home into your own Studio 54.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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