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How to have a sports themed event

how to have a sports themed event
how to have a sports themed event
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A sports party as you already may know all revolves around a special game that is going to be live on television and you along with a group of friends want to get together at a venue to watch it. It can be anything you and your friends enjoy for example baseball, cricket, basketball maybe even tennis. The main aim is to pick a venue and basically have a party while watching the live telecast of your favorite sport. Of course all you have to do for this party is invite your closest friends and tell them the time and place where they should come for the party.

You will require a few decorations and supplies for the party and with a few tips and tricks you can host a great sports party easily. Lets start of with a few decorating items. Since you will be airing a live telecast of a game such as the semi-finals or finals you will need to have a dark venue with a big screen television or an overhead projector. So to make your party seem like an actual party you will need some glow products to make the venue come to life.

A great product to use would be our LED party table. These LED party tables have a high powered RGB LED installed in them and they lights up and changes colors for up to 24 hours. If however if you feel that the changing colors will distract you and your guests from the sports game then you can even set the table to stay on the color of your choice.

To go with this amazing LED party table you can purchase LED cube chairs. We are the manufacturer of these fascinating LED cube chairs which are a great addition to any special event and will also look great placed in your house. These LED cube chairs like the table have a high powered RGB LED installed in them. You can set these chairs to be the same color or a different color if you want.

Other decorating items you might want to use are such as a digital party text spinner. Using this amazing digital party text spinner you can support your favorite athlete or team by spinning their name all over the venue. The digital blue text will look incredible in your dark venue.  All your guests will feel even more loyal to the team or athlete all of you are gathered to support.

Have some fun and celebrate with a sports themed event!

Now since it’s a sports theme we know that all of your guests and you will possibly like a lot of beer. It can be quite a bother to constantly get up and get fresh ice cols beers for all your guests. An easy solution to this problem would be to buy the remote control esky. This is an ingenious device which is completely battery operated. This ice bucket Esky is capable of moving up to twelve bottles of beer to your guests so you don’t need to get up and go to the refrigerator to get one. It has four sure-grip wheels exclusively intended to speed up the delivery of the ice-cold beer to you and all your guests while you enjoy your game.

Some of your friends will definitely have too much beer and will want to take a break from drinking. However, the problem with drinks is that they tend to loose their fizz if you leave them open. Here is where you can use an ingenious product called the beer saver. The beer saver has several benefits as they are designed to keep your beer fresh after you have opened it and also lets identify your beer from others. These beer savers come in a set of 6 and are multi-colored and are also made of food-safe silicone.

To make your sports themed party the best one any one of your friends has ever attended you can use the above ideas and tips. All you need to do is order all the necessary products on time to avoid any hiccups on the day of the event. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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