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Western Party Decorations

Western Party Decorations
Western Party Decorations
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Party themes often make a party way more enjoyable than they usually one. A party theme gives the party organizer a chance to decorate a party according to a particular exciting theme. A party without a theme can be decorated randomly, but more thought has to be put into decorating a party with a theme. Thus, a theme adds a certain direction to the decorations. Such planned and thought out decorations make the party better than a randomly decorated party.

There are innumerable themes that you can choose for your party. One of the best themes that you can set for next party is a Western theme. A western themed party requires decorations that can help create a western scene inside your party. The guests must feel like they are in an old western classic if the party is to be a success. Here are some products and ideas that can help you have the best western party ever.

A western themed can be decorated with inspiration from any one of the old western classics. The movies starring icons like Clint Eastwood are the perfect place to start getting ideas for decorating a western themed party. All western movies had cactuses in the backdrop; a typical western movie scene had cowboys riding over barren lands with cactuses spread randomly across the land. Cactuses, therefore, are important for setting a western scene. However, getting real cactuses can be difficult for you and downright dangerous for the guests. You can use inflatable cactuses available at, the Australian party supplies store. These inflatable cactuses are perfect for a western themed party; they are safe, cool and will add an easy going feel around the party. Use a number of the inflatable cactuses around the party area to give it a western touch.

For obvious reasons you need to decorate your party using more than just one decoration item. Therefore, you can use a Cactus Scene Setter which will go perfectly well with the inflatable cactuses already mentioned. Place this backdrop in the main party area. You should look for a place that will help make the backdrop really stand out; placing the Cactus Scene Setter behind the T.V or a big couch will not do your decorations any good. Find a prominent wall for placing the backdrop to make the theme of your party more visible.

A western themed party is incomplete without the most iconic part of any western movie or tale; cowboys. You need to incorporate things related to cowboys into your party if you want it to be true to its theme. Now you most probably cannot get real cowboys to stand around in your party, so do the next best thing; get mannequins or rent them out from a store. Place these mannequins at the entrance and around the party area. What you need to do next is to put a western cowboy’s attire on to the mannequins; you can find typical cowboy clothes at a fancy dress shop or you can put one together yourself. It is best to put a Flashing Cowboy Hat on each one of the mannequins to make them look like authentic cowboys. The flashing nature of the Cowboy Hats will draw attention to your cowboys and will help make your party look right out of a western movie. You can of course put on the hat yourself and give it to other guests to add to the western look. In case you cannot get hold of mannequins, you and a group of your friends can dress up as authentic cowboys and cowgirls. Rest assured the hat is quite inexpensive so you will be able to afford an adequate amount of them.

Bars and saloons are an essential part of a western themed party as well. Try to create a typical bar scene at your party. Dress the bartender as a cowboy and serve your drinks in liquid activated LED shot glasses. If you can manage a wooden bar table and typical wooden seats that could be found in western movies then your party would really look like a scene in a western movie. If, however, you cannot manage one, learn to improvise and place a table that looks the closest to the ones in old western movies.

Decoration do not have to be specifically restricted to decoration items, anything that can help you create the sort of environment you want to create at a party can be counted as part of the decorations. Music is something that is essential for a western party. Play one of those typical Wild West tunes in the background to get your guests into a ‘western’ mood.

The amount of decorations you place inside your western themed party depends upon your personal preferences and more importantly your budget. Luckily the decorations and ideas mentioned above will not cost you a lot. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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