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Hawaiian Luau party tips

Hawaiian Luau party tips
Hawaiian Luau party tips
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Hawaii is all about enjoying vacations and chilling out in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Therefore, if you want to have a relaxing party to chill out with your friends and family, there is nothing better than to have a Hawaii themed party. Having a Hawaiian theme is perfect for having a colorful and holiday-like party where everybody can sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Decorating a Hawaiian occasion requires a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Here are some ideas and products that are just what you need to decorate a Hawaiian party. It is ideal to have a Hawaiian party next to a nice pool; Hawaii, being an island, has the sea all around it and therefore it is only right to have a swimming pool in the party area or rather have the party next to a swimming pool. Of course having a party next to a big pool is not enough, the guests must be able to enjoy the pool if you really want them to relax and have a good time. The Chill Out Party Seat is perfect for decorating the pool; the seat will look good floating on the pool, the guests can sit on it and enjoy the pool, and the in-built drinks holder along with the ice compartment will further add to the chill environment. Since these seats are not expensive at all, you can afford to get more than one units of this seat for your Hawaiian party

Palm trees are one of the distinguishing features of Hawaii, hence having palm trees in a Hawaiian party is absolutely necessary. Now it is quite difficult and expensive to get real palm trees for a party, however there is a really cool substitute to real palm trees that you can use to decorate your Hawaiian party; the Large 6ft Palm Cooler. The Large 6ft Palm Cooler can serve two purposes; firstly it can act as a drinks cooler with enough space for approximately 50 cans and secondly this inflatable palm tree can act as a really cool decoration item for your Hawaiian party. The inflatable palm tree is way cheaper than getting a real palm tree for decorating the party area and it is useful as well for keeping your drinks for your guests. Buy a couple or more of the large 6ft Palm Coolers and create a tropical heaven for your guests along with an undying supply of cool drinks

Flowers are an absolute necessity as far as a Hawaiian party is concerned so try to get as many colorful flowers for your party as you can. Find a local flower shop and order garlands and bunches of flowers for decorating your party. What is more, you can place a flower garland on every guest as he or she enters to make the whole event a colorful and flowery one

Bonfires on the beach and people sitting around them are a regular feature of Hawaiian vacations; your party should be no different. However you can add a twist to the bonfire at your party. Instead of using normal fire for the bonfire you can use a wonderful product called the Mystical Fire to greatly improve your bonfire. This product is a powder that turns a normal bonfire into a multi-colored one. The Mystical Fire will bring your fire to life with a wide variety of colors such as deep red, vibrant blue, bright green and so on and so forth. The Mystical Fire powder will keep your fire-changing color for hours and it will keep entertaining your guests.

Yet another exclusive feature of vacations in Hawaii is the soft and beautiful glow of lights when night falls. You can incorporate this feature in your party as well. Use the Beautiful Candle Bag Lanterns to do just that; place the Candle Bag Lanterns around the pool and/or around the party area to add a beautiful ambience to your party. Another great idea regarding these lanterns is to use them as table decorations, that beautiful glow will come in handy to illuminate the tables. Simply place a some sand or gravel inside each lantern to weigh it down and put a candle inside each one of them to make them glow, and you shall be able to make your party a true Hawaiian experience.

Lastly, you can use the Sky Balloons to add that vacation-like touch to the Hawaiian party. Fill the balloons with helium to make the hover above the party area and when the time is right, pull the tag to activate their beautiful multi-colored lights. You can do this by the end of the party as a grand finale to the event; what better way to end the party than a nice visual treat in the sky for the guests.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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