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How to decorate for a tropical theme

How to decorate for a tropical theme
How to decorate for a tropical theme
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If you want to indulge yourself to a tropical getaway but do not have the financial means to do so then you can host a tropical themed party on your own. A tropical themed party should be planed outdoors of course during the day. You should check the weather forecast and choose the day that will be the most warm and will have a sunny day as any tropical party would be incomplete without a bright sunny day. The best venue would be your backyard and you can easily transform it in to a wondrous tropical paradise with the help of a few supplies. We will be mentioning some supplies and some tips and tricks on how to use them.

To start off you will need to create some great invitations to send out to all your guests. Once you have done that you need to focus all of your attention on décor and refreshments you will need to serve at the party. For décor lets start off with using some theme related Chinese paper lanterns you could use all over the venue. 14-inch palm tree lanterns fit this theme perfectly as these lanterns have tropical themed palm trees on it. To make these lanterns come to life and give off a dull glow you can insert a single LED light in it.

To make your party look even more tropical and make the ambience just perfect you can use an amazing string light called white frangipani string lightsThese white frangipani string lights are 6cm in diameter, with 35 flowers on the string in total. The string is 4.5 meters in length and you can use it around the edges of the tables and walls at the venue.  These string lights looks so beautiful that they have even been featured in the prestigious OK magazine.

Palm trees are usually associated with a tropical theme so we would advise you to use a large 6ft palm cooler. Of course you will have to serve a lot f cold drinks at your tropical themed party as it will he a little hot outside in the sun. This cooler is easily inflatable and all you have to do is fill it up with ice and put in the desired drinks you wish to serve such as beer, cola etc. The drinks will be chilled to perfection along with the added bonus of it fulfilling the purpose of a great decoration piece.  It can store up to 50 cans and all your friends can help themselves to a nice refreshing drink with out having to ask you for one.

To make you party an even more authentic tropical experience in the eyes of your guests you can even purchase Silk tropical pink and white Lei’s. If you have ever been to a tropical paradise like Hawaii or the Maldives you would know that when you are greeted at the airport or hotel the staff often welcome you with a lei which they make you wear around your neck. So in keeping with this tradition you can get some of these lei’s to welcome your guests to your tropical themed party. Your guests will surely appreciate the authenticity and creativity you have put in to the whole theme.

Surely no tropical party will be complete without a few tasty cocktails. There are many different flavor in cocktails which you can prepare using a mini daiquiri maker. Using this amazing mixer you can whip up different flavors of tasty cocktails in no time flat. You can use your own recipes or even buy ready-made cocktails such as the fruit tingle mix. This pre-made cocktail mixture can be used to prepare 1 liter of fresh, fruity cocktail. All your guests will love drinking these cocktails if you serve them up in special margarita glasses with freshly cut wedges of fruits stuck on the rim of each glass.

To make your cocktails even more tropical themed you can serve them in long slender glasses with fruit straws. These straws come in a pack of 50 and have fruits made on the edge of the straws which will look amazing at your tropical themed party.

As you can see we have given you many different ideas on how to use products to make the whole tropical theme work for your party. If you use these products properly we can assure you that your party will be executed successful and will be a hit among all your guests. You should however order all the necessary supplies before hand so that you don’t have to face any last minute hiccups.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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