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Superhero decorative items

Superhero decorative items
Superhero decorative items
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Every little boy has a keen interest in superheroes and so they might want to have a birthday party that is based on a superhero theme. 

Lets say that your child is interested in hero’s that have something to do with sci-fi such as Buzz Lightyear then you will need decorations that will make your venue look like an outer space wonderland. For this you can use our amazing product called the amazing laser stars projector. This astounding laser stars projector will be sure to amaze all your little guests at this superhero themed party and will be a great talking point for all the parents.

To use it all you have to do is simply turn it on and point it at a wall or roof and then watch as the laser stars swirl above you whilst a blue mystical cloud formation also drifts in the center of the stars. This projector uses lasers to create vivid laser star fields. It simulates the wondrous depth of the galaxy with two built in precision lenses and you can dim the brightness of the cloud. The laser star projector is fitted to a strong base and can be rotated so you can point it anywhere you want.

 To go with this space superhero theme you can also get a blue light saber. This light saber has a bold neon glow and authentic light saber sound effects. The kids at your party will feel like they’re in a real-life Star Wars movie and will have hours of fun with this incredibly realistic toy that has been a classic for generations. If you plan on hosting a specific Star Wars-themed birthday party for your child then you can give each guest a light saber as an awesome party favor which they will cherish for years to come. For fun  you can even hold a light saber competition and watch your child and his guests have the time of their lives.

Superhero themes are very popular as a theme for a boys birthday party..

Since it’s a birthday celebration you are hosting you will of course need a banner which will be celebrating this occasion. A large happy birthday banner is exactly what you need at the party and it will be especially helpful when you bring out the theme appropriate cake and make your child blow out the candles. It will look perfect in the background for pictures.

You will also require a lot of balloons, as no party for children is ever complete without balloons. But since your hosting a super hero themed event you cant just use normal helium balloons as the will clash with the whole theme. Instead we would advise you to use link-o-loons. You must be wondering what exactly is a link-o-loon? Well it’s a specially made 30cm latex balloon with a very important difference and that is its unique elongated tail which can be used to tie it to another balloon. In this way you can create beautiful chains and arches without fishing line it really is that easy.  Elegant shapes and matrixes can be constructed without props, frames or any other supports. And so you can create arches using this balloon or any other shape you desire to suit the theme best. You even have colors you can choose from and use colors that represent the colors of the superheroes uniform. These balloons are quite cheap as they come in packs of 50 you can even find a mixed colors pack to make the party seem more interesting if you desire.

These days cup cakes are a raging hit at all kinds of parties be it cocktail arties or children’s birthdays. Cupcakes are a great option to serve to children as they will lead to less mess and will be small enough for the children to manage eating on their own. For those of you who have a hard time baking cupcakes you can use our amazing product called the mini cupcake maker.  Which has the capacity to make seven cupcakes every five minutes. Further more you can decorate these cupcakes to be in accordance with the super hero theme using our amazing battery powered frosting pen

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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