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Nautical Party Decorations

Nautical Party Decorations
Nautical Party Decorations
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A nautical party is basically a party that is based on the ocean and everything associated to it. A nautical party can be celebrated for number of reasons. For example it might be due to one of your friends going on a long fishing trip or even perhaps because you love the ocean and want the theme of the party to be entirely based on it. The sea is a beautiful creation by God and to have a party theme to be a nautical one can be quite difficult as you might find a lot of cheap decorations that will take out all the elegance of the party. If you have never decorated or planned such a themed party like this before then we will be providing you with a few easy tips and recommending some good products to use to make the party elegant and fun at the same time. 

Lets start with an amazing product that every nautical themed party should have called the ocean projector pod. Using this ocean projector pod you can create your own private ocean effect at your party. this projector pod will create breathe taking ocean like ripples on any of your walls or the roof at the venue. It will be able to create a very calm and serene ambience which best describes the ocean. This ocean projector pod has an amazing feature of becoming connected to your ipod or MP3 player so that it can play your favorite song at the party.  It does require batteries to run which of course you will have to buy on your own and is 10x12x10 cm in size.

Since its a nautical themed party having a pool at the venue will be even better as you can use it as part of your theme. Most pool are of a light blue color which doesn't resemble the deep blue color of the ocean. For this purpose we have a great product called the pool party lagoon. This amazing product will be able to give your pool an exotic deep blue color for a temporary time period. Each bottle contains 250ml of liquid of which you will need two applications per 50,000 litre pool. This will make your pool look amazing and will fit the nautical theme party perfectly. 

To use the pool fully to make your theme work perfectly you can use our chill out party seat. If you have a big pool then you can get 4 or 5 of these chill out party seats and your guests can "chill out" in the pool with a cold drink in hand such as a margarita or cocktail. The added bonus of getting this amazing part seat is that it will easily float in your pool and comes with an ice compartment and drink holder. You yourself can settle in this comfortable seat and lounge around with your closest friends with a cold drink in hand and good music in the background.

To make this lounging experience even more enjoyable in the pool you can buy a floating pool bar. This floating pool bar has multiple drink holders plus a recess for nibbles and an ice bucket so that you can make your drink cold and refreshing. There are two water filled stabilizers underneath it so that it stable and so that it does not float away. It also has a handle so that you can carry it easily or reach for it in the pool etc. 

For fun you can even purchase light up LED beach balls so that you and your friends can play pool volleyball etc. These balls are completely waterproof and can even look beautiful if you leave then floating on the surface of the water. 

At the party you will need to serve your guests lots of drinks and that can be quite bothersome so instead you can have a large 6ft palm cooler which will be able to keep 50 cans cool and all your guests will be able to help themselves to their favorite drinks. You can easily inflate this cooler and add a few bags of ice to the container which will keep the drinks nice and cool. 

As you can see a nautical themed party can be very easy to plan and decorating the venue for this party. All you need to do is order all the supplies before hand so that you have no problems the day of the party. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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