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Themed party equipment

Themed party equipment
Themed party equipment
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Nowadays every party has to have a theme to make it more interesting and entertaining. It does however matter what kind of a theme you have for the party as a good party theme can make or break a party. You should bear in mind that a theme needs to be something that is achievable and not something boring and so complicated that planning such a party will only lead to a wastage of money and inevitably a boring party. Theme parties can cost a lot of money and it might ruin your whole budget for the party so it is very important for you to do a bit of market research and chose a theme that will be easy to decorate and also cost less. 

Lets say that you have decided to hold a pool party which is a great theme to choose as pool parties can be quite fun to attend and easy to plan. Everybody loves attending pool parties as they are packed full of fun and you can have fun lounging in the sun with your closest friends. Pool parties themselves can have themes of their own such as a Hawaiian theme. If you wish to follow such a theme then you can purchase a few 38" silk flower tropical lei's. At the entrance of the venue you can lay out these lei's so that the guests can wear them and enter the party in style. 

Since pools have a light blue color due to the tiles it will not look like a Hawaiian theme. So for this purpose you should purchase a few bottles of our pool party lagoons mixture which you can add to the pool water and it will become more dark. This pool party lagoon mixture will give your pool a gorgeous deep blue color which will of course be temporary but will make your whole Hawaiian theme more believable. You will need to add two bottles per 50,000 litres. 

To make the indoor venue resemble the Hawaiian theme you can use our amazing ocean projector pod. This amazing projector will be able to create an amazing ocean effect on any wall you want at the party. It will be able to project beautiful ocean like ripples on to the wall and will give you and your guests the feeling or really being on a tropical island surrounded by a deep blue ocean. You can also attach this pod to an input such as an Ipod or an mp3 player so that you can listen to your favorite songs. All this pod requires is a few batteries which of course you will have to purchase on your own and its size is approximately 10x12x10 cm. 

You will have to serve a lot of drinks at the party and it will be very hectic for you to run in and out of the kitchen to fetch your guest's cold drinks from the freezer. Instead you can purchase a large 6ft palm cooler so that you can keep all your drinks outside near the pool and all your guests can help themselves to their favorite drinks. This cooler has the ability to keep 50 cans cool and fresh for all your guests. 

Every pool party needs some pool furniture such as a chill out party seat we have available in our store. If your pool party is planned on a hot summer day then you can lounge around the pool in this amazing seat. The bonus points about this chill out party seat is that it has an ice compartment and a drink holder fitted in to one of the arms of the seat so that you can let the drink stay cold in the ice and you don't have to keep hold of it constantly.  

After the day has passed we are sure that your party will not end as most parties continue on to the middle of the night. Everyone will start leaving the pool by this time and to make use of that you can use our disco pool lights to make the pool come to life. With this product you can turn your ordinary pool in to an underwater paradise which will create just the right kind of ambiance you would need to party all night. These disco balls are completely water proof and will create a breath taking effect that all your guests will be mesmerized by.

With the above mentioned tips and tricks you can create an amazing theme party all you need are a few supplies and some creativity. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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