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How to have a spanish themed event

how to have a spanish themed event
how to have a spanish themed event
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Spain is a country full of colour, tradition and festivity. Therefore, if you are looking for a theme for an upcoming party, it is only fair to have a Spanish theme for the party. Having a Spanish theme does not only mean that you need to incorporate Spanish things into your party, you can also use anything you like from the Latin parts of the world. As an example, you can use Mexican decoration items to decorate a Spanish themed party as there is a lot that is in common between Spain and Mexico. When decorating the party, remember things such as the colours of the Spanish flag and the things most commonly found in Spain and in other Spanish speaking countries.

One of the best things to decorate a Spanish party is a Sombrero Party Hat. The Sombrero Party Hat is typically Spanish and is perfect for bringing a Spanish touch to the party. It is best if you buy quite a few of these hats since you have to decorate the whole party area; the Sombrero Party Hats will be needed in more than one area. You can hang the hats against the walls of the party area and you can place them around on the tables. The Sombrero Party Hats can also be given to the guests to wear so that the party truly looks like a Spanish one. Since these Spanish party hats do not cost too much, you really can afford to buy quite a few of them to decorate your Spanish Party.

Yet another decoration item that has the ability to make your party really look like a Spanish one is the Mexican Fiesta Scene Setter. Although this particular product's name says "Mexican" instead of "Spanish", the common history that Mexico and Spain share makes the Fiesta Scene Setter perfect for a Spanish party as well. The Fiesta Scene setter can be attached to a prominent wall in the party area to bring out the Spanish theme. If you have a dancefloor in the party, this particular scene setter will serve as the perfect backdrop. All in all, you can have this scene setter against any wall you like inside the party area to make the party look like a scene right out of the streets of Spain.

Like mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to incorporate the colours of the Spanish Flag as far as decorating the party is concerned. The colours of the Spanish flag, which are yellow and red, can be incorporated into the decorations in a number of ways. As an example, you can use Red Paper Lanterns along with Yellow Paper Lanterns to decorate the party. Paper lanterns can be easily ordered online and are cheap so it will not be a problem to order a relatively large amount of paper lanterns to decorate the party. Of course since you need to display both colours together to signify the colours of the national flag of Spain, group the paper lanterns in an alternative manner or in other words hang a red paper lantern after a yellow one. You can also place a paper lantern of each colour adjacent to one another.

Pictures and paintings play an important role in decorating a party. As far as a Spanish themed party is concerned, you can really decorate the party well by using pictures and paintings. There is much that the Spanish culture and traditions have to offer that cannot be illustrated using just decoration items, you need to bring out the essence of Spain using visual art. Spanish Bullfighting is something that is famous all over the world, in fact you cannot consider the decorations of your Spanish party complete without incorporating this aspect of Spain in your party. Hence pictures and paintings are a simple yet effective way to illustrate the very famous bullfighting of Spain. Choose a set of photographs and paintings of bullfighting ( you will find plenty of them around) that you like and place them tastefully inside the party area. Choose any photograph or painting that are particularly attention grabbing, frame them and hang them from appropriate places.

As mentioned before, since Spanish and Mexican cultures have a lot in common, you can almost always interchangeably use decorations belonging from either one of the cultures. This is where the Assorted Mexican Fiesta Cutouts come in. Use these cutouts to decorate the walls of the party area in order to bring out a Spanish feel inside your party. These cutouts include cutouts of Spanish guitars and Bulls, among other things, hence they are perfect for decorating a Spanish themed party.

Of course, a Spanish themed party needs a lot more than just decorations for the party to be true to its theme; you need other very important Spanish elements such as Spanish cuisine and Spanish music. The decorations along with the food and the music will make the party one right out Spain and one to remember for quite a while.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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