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Decorating ideas for a Christening Party

Decorating ideas for a Christening Party
Decorating ideas for a Christening Party
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For new parents, there is hardly any occasion more special than the christening party of their new born child. Naturally they are going to want to make the christening party good enough for their precious baby. As far as decorating a christening party is concerned, there are plenty of ways to make the party look exceptionally good. The two main things regarding a christening party that you need to keep in mind when decorating it are that the party is in honour of a baby and that a christening party is most often held in a Church. Hence if you are celebrating it at your own house you can incorporate both these aspects of a christening party as far as decorating the party is concerned. Of course since the party is for your precious little baby, it hardly makes sense to use decorations you would normally use for adult parties.

Let us start with balloon decorations; you can decorate the party using a mixture of colours or one single colour. It is best to get hold of pink or purple balloons if the christening party is for a girl, if the party is for a boy then blue balloons would do just fine. However, there is hardly anything 'special' about using normal balloons. Try using the Link-o-Loon Decorations section of; this particular section has all colours of Link-o-Loons available and is more than adequate as far as providing balloon decorations are concerned. The Link-o-Loon decorations system consists of balloons that can be connected with one another, therefore, you can make patterns and designs using these balloons. As mentioned earlier, you need to incorporate some of the Church's characteristics into your party; you can use the Link-o-Loon decorations to make large crosses made out of balloons. Simply fill the balloons with helium, link them together in the shape of a cross and tie down these balloon crosses around the party area; your party will immediately start looking fit for your little angel.

Considering the holiness of a christening party, the 24 Inch Paper Star Lanterns are perfect for decorating such an event. Simply hang these paper lanterns from the ceiling of the party area, in case the party is an indoors one, or hang them outside if the party is being held in your garden or anywhere else outside for that matter. You do not need to be fancy as far as using the 24 Inch Paper Star Lanterns are concerned; these beautiful paper lanterns do not need any extra help. Moreover, you can use a small LED light to make these paper lanterns glow and look even better, especially once it gets a little dark or indoors where extra lighting is often needed.

Sticking to 'star' decorations, you can use many other kinds of decorations that make use of stars. The Star Ceiling Decoration is the perfect example of such decorations. These decorations are great for decorating any party related to babies, especially christening parties. Being multi-coloured, these decoration shooting stars are exactly what you need if you want to add colour to an indoor party area. Being quite inexpensive, the Star Ceiling Decoration can be bought in multiple numbers, hence a large indoor party can be easily decorated using these ceiling decorations.

Decorations can be of many sorts, it is not necessary to consider only items that can be hung from a ceiling or stuck to a wall as proper decorations, edible items can also qualify as decorations, that is of course until they have been eaten. Cupcakes can serve as perfect decorations and they also make guests more enthusiastic about a party (who would not get enthusiastic looking at yummy cupcakes to eat). Luckily, has just the things you need to make the cupcakes for your baby's christening party look more inviting than ever. The cupcake liners available at are enough to make your cupcakes look extra special. The Blue Polka Dot Cupcake Liners, for example, are perfect for a baby boy's christening party (or even a baby girl's christening party for that matter). There are quite a few other colours available as well; select the ones that you like. Simply put the cupcakes in the liners of your choice and place them at a prominent table inside the party so that they can be easily visible to the guests from all angles. The delicious looking cupcakes will intrigue the guests all by themselves.

Last but not least, large banners with your precious baby's name on them and messages that either welcome the guests to the party or proclaim that the party is being held for the christening of your baby, or both, are quite necessary. Have one or two nice banners made and place them at the central points of the party area for all the guests to see and admire.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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